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As we near the mid-point of January, the latest expansion has been updated. Update 3.02 went live on this past Tuesday. In the most recent update BioWare has fixed a few things and also made changes to group finder and new rewards on one of the Weekly quests for Yavin IV. Of course there are still some pesky bugs lingering around, but it seems little by little things will be clearing up with each maintenance and update patch.

PTS 3.1 patch notes, Boy gets a ‘Clone’ arm & more after the Jump…






Since the newest update there has been some “ghostly” additions found on Yavin IV. As you have been running dailies or the story quests on Yavin, you might have seen a white, ghostly NPC floating around the new planet. I came across one near the instance area for the ending part of the Relic quest. At first, I prepared to be attacked, but when it did not attack, I noticed that I could right-click on the apparition. The spirit let out a scream and then disappeared. Upon the spirit vanishing, I looked and it gave me a buff. The buff lasts for an hour. There is also an achievement for clicking upon these ghosts. It is a small thing, but anything added to quest areas is a welcomed thing.

 swtor spirits yavin-4

Be sure to read through the patch notes for Update 3.02. Let us know what you like in the latest update or what is one thing, you would like to see in the next update.




  • Next CRR podcast Sunday 01/18/15

This coming Sunday, Heather and I will be coming to you live via the CRR Twitch channel at 5pm EST. We will be talking about the latest things going on in SWTOR. This upcoming podcast will be exciting as we will be welcoming a special guest to the show. A former CRR host and writer, Drew aka Geldarion will be joining us to talk SWTOR and answer your chat room questions.

One of the topics for this week’s show comes to us from our recent contest winner. The topic is relating to improving personal PVP gameplay and suggestions on how to do so. If you have a tip for helping improve PVP please stop by the chat room during this Sunday’s live stream. We would love to get your tips and answer a few of your questions. Join us January 18th, 5pm EST at Corellian Run Radio’s Twitch channel. See you all there.

 swtor voidstar_screenshot2


  • Updates for PTS 3.1

The testing continues on the PTS for Update 3.1. Tait Watson has posted the most recent patch notes for things changed on the PTS. Below is a link to the post for the PTS patch notes.

Update 2 for PTS testing 3.1

In the notes, you will notice some changes being made to the tank specs for Sith Assassins and Jedi Shadows. Have you been on the PTS during the current testing round? If so, what have you thought about the changes being tested? Please take the time to tell us your thoughts on testing Update 3.1 on the PTS in the comment section below.



  • Dev notes

EricMusco Web // Account Issues | 01.15.2015, 01:27 PM

Hey folks,
Heads up on some issues we are investigating:

  • Purchasing Cartel Coins on the web is not working properly (it is still working in-game)
  • Creating new accounts via the web is unavailable
  • Attempting to add a subscription on to your account is not functioning properly

We are investigating these issues and will pass on updates as we have them. Thanks!



TaitWatson Web // Account Issues | 01.15.2015, 02:36 PM

Hey everyone!
We have made a change and the issues – including in-game purchasing – appear to be resolved.
Thank you!



Earlier on Thursday there were reports about issues regarding purchases via the website. As of now, it appears that things have been fixed. Fingers crossed that issues with the website have been resolved. If you have had any issues with purchases through the website, be sure to check with customer service.





AlexModny Ranked Seasons in 2015 | 01.15.2015, 11:31 AM

Hello PvPers!
Season 4 is planned to last roughly 3 months, starting with Game Update 3.1 and ending with Game Update 3.2. As of right now, Game Update 3.1 is planned to go live in about a month (and is already on PTS, so please check it out!). However, as always, this is subject to change.

After the end of Season 4, we would normally have a Pre-Season lasting a few weeks to a few months. However, for Season 5 there will be no Pre-Season – we will go straight from Season 4 to Season 5. We decided to nix the Pre-Season because there will not be a gear tier update for PvP in Game Update 3.2, which negates the main reason we had Pre-Seasons in the past (Allowing as many players as possible to gear up during that time). This does not mean we are doing away with Pre-Seasons forever or that there won’t ever be new tiers of PvP gear, just that Season 5 will not have either of those things.

I also wanted to assure you that we continue to read and value your feedback when it comes to the Ranked PvP experience and rewards suggestions. Two of the adjustments we will be enacting is that the Top 96 title in Season 4 will be Class specific (akin to what it was in Season 2) as a result from this forum’s feedback. Secondly the Tier 3 rewards (lowest) will have a floor rating in Season 5. We will watch the season and see where ratings are then set where the cutoff number will be, but characters with very low rating will not be receiving any rewards. The goal here is to reward players that are participating in the spirit of ranked play. These are minor adjustments to be sure, but nevertheless is an example of upcoming changes based on your feedback.

Be on the lookout for more updates regarding Ranked PvP in the future including rewards and other developments. We are very excited about 2015 for Ranked Seasons and hope that y’all are too! As always, looking forward to your feedback!

 SWTOR ranked pvp


Alex Modny posted, as you can read above, about the upcoming season 4 for Ranked PVP. The next season is scheduled to start when Update 3.1 is released. According to the post, it looks to be out about one month. That is great to see BioWare continuing their effort of touching base with the PVP community. On top of making sure people know when Season 4 starts, the post also mentions that there will NOT be a pre-season before Season 5. I’m sure many will like not having to wait in between Ranked seasons. Now the fact they not having a pre-season because there will be no new gear level for PVP in Update 3.2. Not sure why there will be an even longer wait for the next tier of gear. All I can assume is they are working to make it worth wait.

One other thing I gathered from the post, there will be a minimum score in Ranked PVP to qualify to receive the lowest tier reward. Hmm, I always assumed there was a required score to have before anyone would receive a reward. I know there was the 10 ranked matches played requirement. Well, I turn it over to you all, what do you think about the latest post regarding Ranked PVP? Are you in favor of no pre-season? Let us know your answers to these questions or comments related to Ranked PVP in the comment section below.




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  • 501st in attendance as boy get a “Clone” arm

Nobody likes bugs, glitches or crashes, when it comes to playing games. They drive us crazy. I know I have gone a bit overboard at times. At the end of the day SWTOR is a video game. Whether it works correctly all the time does not impact whether the sun is going to come up tomorrow.

I’m sure some of you are wondering, “What is Jason talking about?” I’m not crazy, well not any more than I already was. Sometimes you come across a story, a picture or a video that kind of brings things back into perspective. That is exactly what this week’s Star Wares video did to me.

The title of the YouTube video is “Augusta boy gets new “trooper’ arm.” This already had my attention before seeing any of the video. The video is set in Augusta, Georgia and focuses on a young boy, Liam. Liam doesn’t have the lower part of his left arm. I won’t go into more details about the video, but it is great to see how people can come together to help. Take some time and watch the video below. It won’t help your gameplay or reveal any items in the next major update, but it might just do a bit more for each of us in life.


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