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By Geldarion


Welcome to the war, comrades. You have been selected to receive the latest training and tactics fresh from the warfront. The tried-and-true strategies you are about to hear are extremely effective and CLASSIFIED. Let’s get to the briefing. Today, we discuss getting prepped for Ranked PvP!

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So you wanna try Ranked PvP, do ya? Well, let me tell you, it is a rough world out there. Ranked PvP is more YOLO than it is Mando, but it is still a duel-to-the-death. You have to be prepared.

Not only should you be prepared so you have more fun, it is important that you realize that by hitting the queue button, you are signing a figurative contract with the other three people that get in your match. You are saying that you are willing to do what it takes to win with that character, and that you are going to do as much as possible up-front to maximize your chances. You don’t want to screw over the other three people and their ratings, do you?

So “how do I prepare,” you ask? Good question! Follow this checklist!

Check your…Gear

You need to have AT THE MINIMUM your first set of PvP gear. 2018 expertise is your entry point. Without this, you have no business in Ranked PvP.

It takes 12500 warzone commendations to fully gear your character. If you do two weeks of dailies and weeklies, turning all of your ranked comms into regular comms, you will earn the following:

2(600 reg comms from weekly) + 14(300 reg comms from dailies) + 14(6*60 average comms per match) = 10,440

This leaves you 2060 short, but if you save before the season, that is easily accomplished immediately.

Another secret is the fact you can forgo the second relic if you want to jump into ranked immediately. If you get the Matrix Cube, it always gets Bolstered to full expertise. This will save you 700 comms up front, and you can always get them later.

Check your…Augments

Everything must be augmented. Eat the cost. It is 14(42000) = 588,000 credits. It is worth it.

If you are DPS, I would advise going Overkill Augments, which are Power and Endurance (heavy on Power).

I like power for my healers as well. One could make a case for Alacrity as well, since it will increase your burst, but I prefer power generally.

Tanks should get the Fortitude Augments with Endurance and Power (heavy on Endurance).

Check your…Spec (utilities)

I would heavily advise looking at the forums and see what people are using for their specs. Not really so you match your spec to a cookie cutter spec, but more so you know what people like to run and how to defend against it. For example, if you see a lot of Sorcs and Sins are running AoE builds, taking the “-X% AoE damage” talents might be useful.

I would make sure to take anything that beefs up your defensive skills’ efficacy. For example, Assassin’s have a talent that makes Deflection into a somewhat CC-immunity skill. Gunslingers have a talent that increases the amount of damage Defense Screen can take before it fails. Things like that.

One type of talent I don’t recommend taking is most cooldown reduction talents. If something has a two-minute cooldown, and it reduces the cooldown by 15-30 seconds, don’t take it. Most Arena matches last about 1.5 minutes from first conflict, and they are usually decided in the first 45 seconds. In a match with no healer, it usually is decided within 30 seconds. Those cooldown talents, while fantastic in longer Warzones, are useless in Arenas about 90% of the time.

Check your…Stim

Have the latest and greatest in your chosen stim. Either take the main stat one, or if you are a tank, take the Fortitude stim for the extra health and Defense. It is rude to not use them.

Check your…Medpacs and Warzone adrenals

It is so embarrassing to run out of these mid-match. Just keep both stacks topped off as much as possible. If you can’t buy them on your character because you are working on your gear, go do dailies with alts and send them over or put them in your Legacy bank. Alternatively, there are many people on Fleet that will sell them to you for credits.

Check your…VoIP programs

Have Teamspeak, Mumble, and Ventrilo downloaded, and be prepared to log in really fast, ready to listen. You might also have a microphone handy. Some servers don’t do this, and most nights you won’t see people doing it, but I have been on a slow night with a few folks, and we kept getting in the same matches, so we would just chat while we waited and then use it when we finally got people on the other side to queue against us.

Check your…Missions

Grab your dailies and weekly so you get the sweet Ranked Commendation rewards, so you and your gear can get better.

Check your…Ego at the door

Remember that this is a brutal process of queuing in with three random strangers. Own up to your mistakes, be nice to others who make them, and treat the opposing team with civility and decency. Make the experience pleasant for others, even if you lose, so they will be more likely to queue up again in the future, and we’ll have hopping queues popping instead of hoping queues pop.


Hopefully these tips help push your game to the next level! Does this help you feel prepped for Ranked? Do you have any other things you think need to be done pre-Ranked? Let me know in the comments!

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