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HoloNet Links #183

There have been a few setbacks with SWTOR. The latest was the cancelling of the Operation Victory contest. I was thinking, how can I put a positive spin on this? Well, honestly it is a negative that the contest is not going to happen, but as I was researching ideas for this article I found some positives from the community. Not sugar coating articles, but people in the community creating, organizing, and writing various things relating to SWTOR. The difference between positive and negative can sometimes be our attitude.

Discipline Calculator, Speed Run Contest, & Community blogs after the Jump…








  • Operation Victory cancelled

Yes, if you haven’t heard by now the Operation Victory contest has been cancelled. Here is the dev post by Eric Musco. Clearly, this was something BioWare and the community wanted to see happen. However, until the Ravager Operation can eliminate the bugs it doesn’t appear to be happening anytime soon.

 speed run challenge

What happens now? Well that’s not the end of the story. One SWTOR community member has decided to host their own fastest Operation run contest. Forum user Death_By_Smiley started a thread titled, Speed Run Challenge. In the thread he outlines how the contest will work, the rules, dates, and how submissions need to be handled in order to qualify to win. I think it is great how the SWTOR community steps up. The first session has started and with March 17th being the last day for submissions for The Ravagers timed run. There will be future session with Temple of Sacrifice being the next Operation then going on through all the Operations already in the game. Way to go Death_By_Smiley for taking the “lemons” of the cancelled contest creating lemonade with your own Speed Run Challenge. Be sure to read through the forum post and get your Speed Run submitted.




  • SWTOR fan video

This week we have a tribute video dedicated to the Jedi Consular class. The video is full of spoiler alerts, since it is largely made up of class specific cutscenes. The music for the video builds and adds a strong base that supports the images from the Consular class story missions. There is a heroic quality to the music, almost as if this was a trailer for a summer blockbuster movie soon to be arriving in theaters. This is part one of YouTube user Brisen26 journey into the Jedi Consular story in SWTOR. What did you think of the video? Do you think it is a good representation of the Jedi Consular? Be sure to leave your comments in the comment section below.


If you have created a video about your adventures in SWTOR let us know by emailing a link to or We would love to share it on our website!




Star Wars Community News & Events

  • Corellian Run Radio’s Weekly Nav Coordinates

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02/27 HoloNet Links #182 by Jason Taylor

03/03 Episode 139: PVP Goodness – podcast

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  • Community Blog: The Barithor Legacy

In my search for interesting sites and articles, I came across a blog titled The Barithor Legacy. The blog caught my eye with a write up about the author’s ideas or wishes for future Stronghold decoration items. The author has a few screenshots of items in SWTOR he would like to see offered to decorate his Strongholds. As I dug deeper into the site, I found the author blogs about his legacy, hence the name. Throughout the blog the author posts about his characters, their background stories, crew skills, future plans for the character and a note section. These character blog posts are great reference material for RP. I enjoy and appreciate the creativity in these posts. Will these blogs help you defeat a specific boss? No, it will not, but it is a great example of other elements of gameplay enjoyed by members in the community.

 Barithor Legacy banner

If you are interested in RP, looking for some inspiration for decorating your Stronghold or help with generating ideas for a new character, I suggest checking out The Barithor Legacy blog.



  • Community Blog: MaeBeeBuzz – Blog

This week I have another site/blog for you. Yes, two sites for the same low price as usual. That is if we actually charged anything. Okay, so this other site. While learning about the cancelling of Operation Victory, I read a good article by MaeBee on her blog MaeBeeBuzz. I know what you are thinking, “Not another post about the cancellation of the contest.” Although she writes up about the cancelled contest, her approach is refreshing in my opinion. She doesn’t avoid the fact that many, including her, were disappointed by the news. She clearly states her opinions on the news and the two dev posts by Eric Musco. MaeBee handles this news very well. I appreciate reading her ideas on changing the venue to another operation and finally mentioning of Death_by_Smiley’s Speed Run contest, which I also mentioned above.

 MaeBee banner

MaeBee is another great addition in the SWTOR community. She is a gamer and plays various games. You can hear her as a host on the podcast, TOROcast. If you are wanting to read a site with a fresh and honest take on things in SWTOR, gaming, etc., I suggest you bookmark MaeBeeBuzz.




  • SWTOR screenshot

Here is an interesting screenshot I saw posted on the Ravalation blog. It is titled “womp rat ballet.” The picture itself is great quality. Beyond the “pretty” quality, you can imagine classical music playing and a troupe of womp rats circling the character as they dance to and fro and ending with the death scene. I can just imagine at some point searching for future music videos and seeing one titled “womp rat the ballet.”

womp rat ballet

Have you taken any fun, interesting or out of this galaxy screenshots? If so be sure leave us a link in the comment section below, or email them to us at




  • SWTOR Proficiency Builder/Discipline Calculator

There is a way to check out various classes and their advances, plus their specific utilities. The Proficiency Builder/Discipline Calculator can be found on The Old Republic website. This is similar to old browser based skill tree builders. This new version utilizes the new Disciplinary system. Not only can you pick which class/advance class, but also between the three different spec for each advance class. The calculator also has descriptions for every skill, passive ability and also descriptions for all the utilities. This works great for planning out your next alt or some out of game analysis of your current spec and its utilities. Head on over to the Old Republic website and give it a shot.



  • Thanks for your help

We here at Corellian Run Radio would like to thank all those who attended, watched, submitted questions and supported our PVP discussion Livestream on March 1st. We look forward to seeing you in attendance for our next Livestream on Twitch. It is scheduled for March 15th. See you there!



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