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HoloNet Links #184

Well it wasn’t exactly clockwork, but Update 3.1.1 is live in-game. BioWare has posted the patch notes for those that haven’t been in-game yet. There have been some minor UI, achievement, and emote fixes/changes. There are also some class changes hitting the game in Update 3.1.1, with Trooper/Bounty Hunter having some big changes. The other big changes in-game has to do with the balancing of the new Hardmode Flashpoints including the Flashpoints from the Forged Alliance storylines. The balancing also includes some boss fights in the two new Operations. Be sure to read through all the patch notes for more details.

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  • Community Cantina going to Anaheim

BioWare has announced on the SWTOR website the latest date and location for a Community Cantina. The new location will be in Anaheim, CA. This Community Cantina will be on Saturday, April 18th, for Star Wars Celebration. In conjunction with the celebration there will be some special things going on. For instance, an appearance from the 501st, a green screen area for pics, an Anaheim exclusive in-game vehicle code, plus food, drinks and giveaways are just a few things listed in the article about the event. If you are able to make this Community Cantina, it sounds like it should be a great one to attend. Below is listed the event location, date and time.

community_cantinaVenue: Hilton Anaheim

Date: Saturday, April 18th, 2015

Time: 7:00 – 10:00PM PDT

Address: 777 West Convention Way

Anaheim, CA 92802



  • SWTOR fan video

Time for another SWTOR music video, but first let me take a selfie. Ha, just kidding, although that is the song used in this week’s music video. The video was posted by YouTube user, Axurion Exeiro. He has a great eye for creating and editing these videos. This one is no exception. The story part of video takes place in a cantina and is a great mix of emotes, dancing and camera shot to capture the bar scene. The part I love is all the individual character “selfies.” This is another great job by Axurion Exeiro. Oh, make sure to keep watching all the way through the end.

If you have created a video about your adventures in SWTOR let us know by emailing a link to or We would love to share it on our website!




  • Dev notes

EricMusco Update on Win-Trading and Griefing in Season 4 | 03.10.2015, 12:45 PM

Hey folks,
As promised, we want to keep you informed on what we are doing about those win-traders and trolls in Ranked PvP. Here is what is happening right now:

  • Win-traders – We have been reviewing multiple sets of data, along with the private reports that many of you have been sending to the team. Any player who, through validating data, is win-trading is receiving will be receiving at a minimum, a warning. Not only are we warning these users to stop what they are doing, continued win-trading will lead to greater actions including resetting their ratings and suspension time.
  • Griefer – Those players that seem to have that one singular purpose, to ruin the spirit of Ranked PvP. They refuse to participate, or they leave the match altogether. Those players will be receiving anything from a warning to suspension time based on the severity of their actions.

We will work to refine our data and our validation around players partaking in these actions throughout the Season. Those who feel the need to try to trade their way to the top, or try to ruin that experience for others will be actioned appropriately.
Thank you all for your continued reports around these issues. Get in there and fight each other as Baron Deathmark intended. See you in the Arena.

 warzone arenas

EricMusco Update on Win-Trading and Griefing in Season 4 | 03.11.2015, 12:19 PM

Hey folks,
Quick update: Yesterday, players who fell in the camp of “win-trading” were notified with warnings, etc. as we already alluded to. Today, we have begun to sent out warnings and actions against those players who fall under the griefing category. Based on the severity of their griefing, actions taken against those players range from a warning all the way up to a week of suspension time.
Thanks everyone, I will keep you apprised with updates as we have them.




Besides the new update going live, the other major news has to do with “win-trading” in Ranked PVP. Earlier this week, as you read in the above dev posts by Eric Musco, BioWare sent out notifications to those players who through data or other notification were thought to be participating in “win-trading.” There was also a post stating that players thought to be griefing during Ranked matches would also be sent out similar notices. In both cases, BioWare states that players could be issued warnings and/or up to possible suspension time for the infractions.

This is a good example of BioWare maintaining communication and transparency with the player base. It also lets everyone see BioWare is taking this part of Ranked PVP serious and that is a good thing. Even as a non PVPer, I want to see BioWare is doing its best to insure the playing field is as level as possible for Ranked PVP. What do you think of the “win-trading and griefing dev posts? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.




Star Wars Community News & Events

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  • Community Blog: Xam Xam Says: Merc PVP Healing Guide

This week I was checking out various community sites and came across an addition to Xam Xam Says blog. She has added a couple items to her Merc/Commando PVP Healing guide earlier this month. After we had our PVP discussion podcast, I thought this guide might be of an interest to some of you venturing into the PVP or possibly wanting a resource to help your Merc Healing.

 Xam Xam healing during gree pvp

Xam Xam does a great job of breaking down the Healing spec for Mercs/Commandos. She starts off with listing abilities, defensive cooldowns, and utilities. Next she goes through basic rotation, priorities and tips for maximizing your rotation/abilities healing.

 Xam Xam healing during gree pvp2

As she goes into the last part of her blog post, she goes through some of her gearing. She discusses about stats and her current stat allocation. Next, Xam Xam goes through some of her Warzone tips and survival strategies. These eight strategies include some topics like positioning, and kiting. This is where she included the two new topics, smart healing and node guarding.

Smart Healing: Accept that you’re not going to be able to keep everyone alive. This is the reality of healing.  Don’t waste your time chasing after someone who is LOSing you or chasing a melee that is too far away from the node. Know your limitations. If someone is close to death don’t waste your resources trying to get them back up unless you know you can do it without compromising you Heat/Energy Cells or if it’s crucial for keeping the objective. This is where playing other classes comes in handy (more on that below) as you can know the type of damage going out and then know what you can and can’t heal through.


Node Guarding: Yes, this will likely happen on the odd occasion. All you need to do is stand around 30 meters away from the objective and out of sight if possible. That we it makes it harder for stealthers to sap cap you. Remember to call out as soon as you see someone coming. While you wait for reinforcements run around and stay alive for as long as possible while you wait for reinforcements.


Finally, she goes into some tips for healers about the resolve bar and her suggestions on how to improve your PVP game. If you haven’t got a chance to read her guide, you should head over to Xam Xam Says and read through the entire post. There a lot of tips for all you Merc and Commando PVP healers. You also might want to check out the video she has attached to the blog post.




  • Livestream Sunday March 15th

Corellian Run Radio would like to again thank all those who attended, watched, and followed our Twitch channel. We will be live again this Sunday, March 15th at 5pm EST/2pm PST. This week will have special guest @Snickerrswtor. This SWTOR streamer and raider from the progression guild Zorz, will be live, plus a new Guild Ready Check and more. See you there!


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