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HoloNet Links #188

It is time for another edition of HoloNet Links. Another week in the books for April and that means we are just that much closer to the scheduled release of Update 3.2 on the 28th. I am excited about the planet Ziost. I got to explore it a little on the PTS, but looking forward to learning more about the planet and new story content. New things are happening here at CRR also. Our newest writer Joe Rucklidge had his first article posted on the site. Looking for Group is the title of his article. The first one was taking a look at the Rakghoul event. To find out his opinions on the event and more check out his article.

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  • Double XP is coming

April is also associated with Star Wars celebration. For Star Wars celebration, BioWare is giving us more Double XP. Here is the thing, it is not just for the weekend, and it is for the entire week of April 16th through April 22nd. This will allow players to get their characters to level 60 and ready to explore Ziost when Update 3.2 goes live. The announcement for Double XP week was made in the Update 3.1.2 patch notes.

“Revel in the arrival of Star Wars™ Celebration with a Double XP Week! Get twice the experience from April 16th at 11:00 PDT/18:00 GMT to April 22nd at 00:01 PDT/07:00 GMT!”

I’m planning on finishing up a couple toons to level 60. I’m also going to see how far I can get with a newish Sniper.

thinking about leveling

He is at level 30 now. I’m working on the Virulence spec. Can I get him to level 60? Not sure, but I’m going to try.





  • SWTOR Community blog: Xam Xam says…

Since we are talking about Double XP, there was an interesting article posted on the blog, Xam Xam says.

xam xam says banner2

Rachel wrote about her idea for potential XP boosts and how they could be implemented. I really liked this article. Basically, Rachel is all for bonus XP, but feels there should be a better way to implement it into the game and still allow some to have the ability to opt out of it. She also has some unique ways of offering extra XP for players in PVP. She also has an interesting method for payment for those wanting to change their XP bonus later. Bottom line, Rachel has done a great job of offering some ideas for how to make the XP bonus more customizable. Be sure you go and read her article. Oh, Rachel also has graduated, you might want to wish her congrats.





  • SWTOR Community video guide: Czerka pet

Just when I thought I had done everything on CZ-198, I see there is this guide for a “secret” quest. While looking for videos for this article and highlights for podcast, I came across a guide video for getting a Czerka pet. The quest is basically going around looking for datapads, but players don’t click on them they use the macrobinoculars and read the various emails. It is a series of eight datapads located all throughout CZ-198.

czerka email scan1Besides the idea of getting a pet, the emails are pretty neat to read. If you have not done this quest, be sure to check out the video below.

czerka email scan2czerka email quest complete1

czerka email quest reward1

The quest doesn’t take that long, you can do it as you do your round of dailies there. The video guide was made by @Raynaxxe. Raynaxxe happens to be from South America. Thanks for creating this video guide!



  • SWTOR fan video

YouTube user Brisen26 has put together a tribute style music video for the Jedi Consular. The video showcases several key cutscenes from the story quest. That said, be aware that there are some potential spoilers found in this music video. Other than that sit back and enjoy this fan created music video.

If you have created a video about your adventures in SWTOR let us know by emailing a link to corellianrun@gmail.com or jason@corellianrun.com. We would love to share it on our website!





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04/03 HoloNet Links #187 by Jason Taylor

04/08 Looking for Group: Rakghoul Resurgence by Joe Rucklidge

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  • Upcoming CRR Livestreams

Corellian Run Radio would like to again thank all those who attended, watched, and followed our Twitch channel. We will be live again this Sunday, April 12th. Our special guest for the stream will be SWTOR Community Production coordinator, Tait Watson. Heather and I will get some time to meet and learn a bit more about this member of the SWTOR Community team.


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