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It is hard to believe that another month is almost over. As April comes to a close, we have a lot of excitement coming. Update 3.2 is scheduled for release on Tuesday, April 28th. This will be the next big update for SWTOR. The update will contain the next story element as the Emperor is on the loose and is on the planet Ziost. The update will also bring the Outfit Designer to the live game, which from using it on PTS will allow players to change their looks without the trouble of pulling out mods etc. We will talk more about the update as we get into the information from the Community Cantina in Anaheim.

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  • Community Cantina from Anaheim

If you haven’t realized by now there is a big update coming to SWTOR. There have been updates on the PTS showcasing this new content, images released and this last Saturday, during Star Wars Celebration there was a panel. The panel was there for the Community Cantina. The panel started with introductions and then into the newest trailer for SWTOR, Update 3.2 Rise of the Emperor. Speaking of the trailer, why isn’t it on the SWTOR website?


The panel focused on the Community event and of course talking about Update 3.2. The topics ranged from the planet Ziost and some of the lore players will encounter.


new creatures

new creatures


Learn about the Jedi 6th Line

Learn about the Jedi 6th Line

The panel went on to discuss more of Update 3.2, specifically some of the Quality of Life features. The features are the new Outfit Designer and the changes to quick travel. Now there might be some debate on how much of a benefit the Outfit Designer will be, but the changes to quick travel are without a doubt amazing. The taxi points will be given to every player when they land on any planet and the quick travel binding points will be given to players by just going by them, no need to click on them anymore. There also were a couple of things revealed for the first time during the panel. We knew that 12x XP was coming back at some point, but never sure when. Well, now we know that 12x XP will be coming back to SWTOR on May the 4th. There is no ending date to mention, because Eric Musco said it was so far off that no date was needed to be announced yet. Okay, so you are one that wants to level as the game first intended. BioWare has heard this and added a vendor consumable that opts a player out of the Epic XP. The consumable will cost nothing.


The other item that was revealed was the location of the next stronghold. The new stronghold will be located on Yavin IV. I have only seen a few images thus far, but it looks amazing. The new stronghold will have a waterfall in it! How cool is that? To be honest, I am a bit concerned that there will be housing on an abandoned moon, as far as canon goes, but the location is beautiful and from what I have seen the stronghold is amazing. I’m going to keep an open mind about it.

 SWTOR_Yavin4_Stronghold_small 01SWTOR_Yavin4_Stronghold_small02

What are your thoughts on the location of the new stronghold? What did you think about any of the items discussed during the panel? Please leave us your comments in the section below. If you have not watched the recording of the livestream, here it is. Thanks to Dulfy for posting it on her YouTube channel.


  • SWTOR fan video

Sometimes I feel a bit stressed out. I was feeling that way, but as I was getting things ready for this article, I came across YouTube user RobOfAllGames SWTOR music video. This video is set to the song Uptown Funk. In the video a couple of players are in the Cademimu Flashpoint. That is where the video gets the title Cademimu Funk. There is no major plotline to the video other than having fun. The video creator and friend both enjoy showcasing several of the dancing emotes. The editing is the real star here and of course all the time it took to get all the awesome footage. This week the idea for the music video is hit play, sit back and enjoy. Be sure to head over to the video creator’s channel and leave your comments.

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