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HoloNet Links #196

We are under ten days from the 06/15/15 #FallenEmpire announcement. There has been a lot of speculation. I have my own thoughts on what it might be, as I’m sure you do. In the meantime, we do know for sure that in Update 3.3 there will PVP changes coming. We first heard about these changes via the interview on the Bad Feeling podcast. When will we get a chance to look at these PVP changes? The PTS should be up today, June 5th, 2015, with the first roll-out of the Update 3.3 changes.

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Yes, that is right Update 3.3 is on the PTS. Here is the link for the first set of patch notes for the latest PTS.




  • PVP Changes Coming in Update 3.3

Last week, I discussed some of the PVP changes mentioned in the interview with Alex Modny. There have been many discussions since the interview. BioWare has now posted a blog from the Combat Team to clarify and an official “jumping-off” point for discussion.


Some of the things of note that is very positive. The combination of Double XP & credits, plus reduction in the cost of PVP gear has been a change so many have been wanting. Another smart move was making a system that has a legitimate means of transferring Warzone Comms. This is an effective answer to the decoration which was used to do this very thing. In Update 3.3 you will simply buy Legacy Lockbox. The lockbox, as the article states, will continue 99 Warzone Comms and be sold on a vendor for 99 Warzone Comms. Have you noticed that there hasn’t been a mention of Ranked Comms? The reason for not mentioning them is the fact they will no longer be in the game. All PVP Comms will be Warzone Comms. That means from the moment you start PVP’ing in Warzones, you are already getting closer to the top tier Ranked PVP gear. The system will also benefit those with a higher level PVP toon. Any extra comms could be sent to their alts to purchase better PVP gear.

 SWTOR ranked arena1

Of course, these are not the only changes being made to PVP in Update 3.3, but a few of that many seem to be genuinely excited to see added. Be sure to read the rest of the changes mentioned in the article on the official SWTOR website.


What if you don’t care for these changes or maybe think there is a better way to do it? The best way to find out about the changes and work to see things improved is to help test on the Public Testing Server. They need legit PVP’ers on the test server for numbers and to post their constructive critiques and feedback.




  • SWTOR Community Stream

The Community stream, on June 3rd, gave viewers a tour of the new Yavin IV Stronghold and highlighted the new species, the Togruta. The new Stronghold was pretty interesting. There appears to be a lot of hooks to attach plenty of decorations. The new Stronghold looks beautiful and I am looking forward to it being introduced into the game. It would be nice to see the addition of a fifth Stronghold slot. It would only stand to reason there would be more money to be earned with another slot allotted for the Yavin Stronghold. Yes, the option for deactivating a Stronghold is there, but many have made them very personalized. It might be that people would rather keep their already decorated Strongholds, instead of than starting from scratch. What are your opinions on the new Stronghold? Will you be opening the new Stronghold? Let us know in the comment section below.


The stream can be stilled viewed if you go to the SWTOR Twitch channel and look under past broadcasts. You can also go to Master Liu’s blog, “The Balance Force.” He has written up a good summary to the Community Stream. Along with the brief summary, there is a nice screenshot of the Togruta character used during the stream and an embedded video of the stream.


Master Liu also mentions the Guild Summit for the Jedi Covenant server. Be sure to surf over “The Balance Force blog,” to read more of this and many other SWTOR related topics.

 Master Liu blog small banner1



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05/29 HoloNet Links #195 by Jason Taylor

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