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HoloNet Links #197

June 6th, 2015 Christopher Lee passed away as it says in article by CNN.com. The well-known actor was 93 years old. Christopher Lee was in several major movies and almost always the villain. For many Star Wars fans know him from Episode II: Attack of the Clones and also appeared in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. He played Count Dooku and probably is most known for being the first on-screen to battle Yoda one-on-one.

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 Christopher Lee 6-11-15 smRest in Peace Christopher Lee 06-11-2015






All is gearing up for 3.3, which is scheduled to go to live servers July 21st. Many have been trying out some of the changes currently found for Update 3.3 on the Public Test Server. Have you been on the test server? No, well there is need for players to be testing, especially those of you that PVP. Already there is a lot of feedback being posted on the forums, on streams etc. BioWare is offering an incentive for participating in at least ten Warzones on the Public Test Server.



  • SWTOR Nightlife event is going on

Aw the sounds of slot machines echoing in my head. Yes, I am referring to the gambling being done in the Nar Shaddaa casinos. It started this past Tuesday and will be going on through the first part of August. For those of you who participated in the event last year, it is pretty much the same event. I enjoy the change of pace of the event, but I am disappointed that there are not any new prizes. I am not talking a whole new armor set, although that would be nice, but maybe another version of the speeder or a special color crystal. I am just throwing out ideas. Again, I don’t hate the event it is fun, especially the planet chat during the event. I would even like it after so many losses a droid sends you an in-game drink to console the loss of all those credits. What is your opinion of the event? Is there one prize item you would like to see BioWare add to the event? Let us hear your ideas in the comment section below.



  • Battle the Dev on PTS

As I mentioned earlier, BioWare is offering an incentive for playing at least ten Warzones on the Public Test Server. BioWare will be giving players Cartel Coins as the below post states.


EricMusco Let’s Play Some Warzones | 06.08.2015, 09:54 AM

Hey folks,
One of the things we really wanted to make sure gets tested on PTS for 3.3, Warzones! With the first full weekend behind us, it is our goal to kick up the participation. So, let’s all get together later this week and play some Warzones together.
Thursday, June 11th – 2PM – 5PM PDT
Friday, June 12th – 2PM – 5PM PDT
Saturday, June 13th – 11AM – 2PM PDT
Warzones! Queue up solo, or with some friends, for regular, non-ranked Warzones.
Help us test PTS! In order to spice things up a bit…

  • Multiple members of the dev and community team will be on and playing Warzones as well. However, so that we can keep the focus of the Warzones on the actual objectives, we will be playing incognito.
  • Anyone who plays 10 Warzones during those three playtest periods will receive a grant of Cartel Coins as a bonus! (note: You will need to actually participate, we will track each match played to ensure you are taking part in the Warzone. None of this “just queue up and AFK for coins!”)
  • At the end of that playtime, we may even point out other players who have stood out in helping us test, so definitely play as much as you can during that time!

Thank you all for your help in testing PvP. We will see you in-game on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.




Again, I strongly urge players, especially PVP players, to download the PTS and help test out the changes. One change that seems to be causing issues on PTS is the change that prevents AOEs from interrupting capping a node. Several streamers have noted people either bunch up so it makes it harder to target, or on Novare Coast some have been seen standing all the way in one of the shelters and unable to pull or knock them out as they cap the node.

I’m not a PVPer, but “not sure this is the change they are looking for” with no interrupts for capping nodes from AOEs. I would love to hear what some of you who have being testing think of the changes. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.





  • dev notes

AlexModny About Warzone Legacy Boxes… | 06.08.2015, 08:42 AM

We agree! The 99 limit is too low and it is that way because of tech limitations. Good news though! We got some new tech that is going to allow us to change things up. In an upcoming PTS refresh you will see the 99 Lockbox removed and in its place 3 items, a 100 Warzone Comm grant, a 500 Warzone Comm grant, and a 1000 Warzone Comm grant. These items will be sold for how many comms they grant and but unfortunately they won’t stack at this time. We hope to get this functionality in, in the future.

What do y’all think about these amounts?



BioWare has already made another change to how you can give Warzone comms to your alts. The Legacy Lockboxes of 99 comms are gone. As the above post by Alex Modny states, they realize the 99 comms was an inefficient way to transfer Warzone comms to your alts. Now there will be three different valued grants of Warzone comms you can buy, 100, 500 and 1000 values. The only downside is these grants will NOT stack. All and all this seems like a much better system to help transfer Warzone comms. What do you think? Should this, if it works for Warzone comms, be used for other in-game comms? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.



Be sure to check out the latest patch notes as of June 6th, 2015. You can see them from the dev post by Tait Watson here. The notes mention more changes to Consular/Inquisitor mostly dealing with the healing specialization.



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