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HoloNet Links #201

The craziness of the conventions and the announcements are here. Speaking of conventions, there is this one going on right now, San Diego Comic Con. Yes, the granddaddy of geek gathers is happening. Our very own Heather and friend to the podcast Jessie are taking the convention over. We will get to find out about all their adventures live this Sunday during the livestream for Corellian Run Radio. However, before they even set foot in the convention, BioWare has made a few announcements.

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  • Developer Blog: Operations & Flashpoints in Fallen Empire

George Smith, senior designer in charge of Ops and Flashpoints, has posted a blog about the changes coming to Flashpoints and Operations in the new expansion coming in October. First off, as many of you might have already heard there will not be any new Ops when the expansion goes live in October. BioWare states in the article, that there are several Flashpoints and Operations that become obsolete due to players being over-leveled or gear progression. BioWare has come up with some changes to make all this group content more meaningful.

 KotFE small1

Flashpoints will have a major overhaul. All Flashpoints will have a solo-mode option. This so anyone can experience the story content in these missions. The new mechanic being added to these solo Flashpoints is a new level sync system. Basically, your character will be adjusted to be play the Flashpoint as if you were at the correct level for the specific Flashpoint. No more steamrolling through the Flashpoint for decos etc. I think this will add a bit of challenge. I know that I will have to dig up all the old strategies for these Flashpoints, but I welcome a challenge.


There are a couple more things BioWare is doing for Flashpoints. According to the article, most of the Story Mode Flashpoints will be converted to Tactical. The levels included for Tacticals will be 10-65. This will be a great thing for guilds to help low level members. Many times there are people in a guild, but not always the same level range for a specific Flashpoint. This helps the specific area. Yeah, but what about loot? BioWare has thought of this. Each player has the chance to receive loot specific to their class and their non-bolstered level, as stated by George in the article. This is another added benefit for running these newly adapted Tactical Flashpoints. Oh, BioWare is also showing some love to the Hardmode Flashpoints. All current Hardmode Flashpoints and finally the newest one Red Reaper will be able to be played at level 50 through new level cap of 65. The article mentions even though they are Hardmode there will be a small bolster to accommodate for the various levels and gear ranges. George also writes that the loot will be like the new loot system for Tacticals. Loot will be class specific, their non-bolstered level and from entirely new sets of gear. The article goes on to mention it will assist to gear players for Operations.


Speaking of Operations, what changes are coming to them? For starters, the article mentions all Operations will be raised to the new level 65. George states that every Op will drop a new tier of Elder game gear. That is not all of the new loot, there will be new decos, mounts, and vehicles. The article mentions QoL (Quality of Life) changes coming for Group Finder. There will still be the Story Mode Op of the day and in the expansion, according to the post, this Op will drop gear better suited to your character.

 Swtor SOA

What about Nightmare and Hardmode Operations? BioWare has not forgotten them. Hardmode Ops will be given a better reward. According to the developer post, one Hardmode Op will be highlighted in a given week and it will be where players can get the improved rewards. Again BioWare is working to make even the older Operations worth doing. Nightmare level Ops will have similar rewards to the highlighted Hardmode Ops. The current titles and mounts for Nightmare will remain in the loot tables when the expansion comes this October.


I’m sure the focus for this post will remain the statement about no new Operations or Flashpoints when Knights of the Fallen Empire is released. Yes, I would love to see new content in the form of Flashpoints and Operations. However, BioWare is making some huge changes to the entire game along with all Flashpoints and Operations. It would be a potential train wreck if BioWare made the changes they are making, plus added new endgame content. We all saw the issues when Shadow of Revan first launched and even some bugs still remain. Let’s take a deep breath and let BioWare make the changes to Flashpoints and Ops. By focusing on this new system change, this could potential mean less bugs. I would rather wait and make sure things are working right and then add some new, challenging Flashpoints and Operations.




  • Upcoming CRR Livestreams

Before we get into much more about the expansion, we wanted to let all our listeners know about when we will be streaming next. Our next episode will be streaming live, Sunday, July 12th. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: This podcast will be a special time because of the Community Cantina. We will be streaming at 9:30pm EDT / 6:30pm PDT. Look forward to seeing you all there.


Corellian Run Radio would like to again thank all those who attended, watched, and followed our Twitch channel. Please join Heather and Jason live every other Sunday. If you have been attending our live stream or maybe you haven’t yet, either way mark your calendars to be there live. See you next episode.




  • Community Cantina is coming to Cologne, Germany

BioWare has announced they will be returning to Cologne, Germany for another Community Cantina. The Community Cantina event will again coincide with Gamescom. The event will also be over a two day span, from August 6th through the 7th. Details about the schedule for the event will be announced according to Eric Musco. Below is listed the times, dates and location for the event. For more details and link to preregister for the Community Cantina be sure to read the post on the official SWTOR website.

community_cantinaVenue: Radisson Blu Hotel
Date: Thursday August 6th and Friday August 7th, 2015
Time: 18:00 – 22:00 CEST
Address: Messe Kreisel 3 (access Brügelmannstr. 1) D-50679 Cologne, Germany




  • dev notes

EricMusco The Star Wars: The Old Republic Community Cantina Tour Arrives in San Diego, California! | 07.09.2015, 08:14 AM

Quote: Originally Posted by MishraArtificer

Will there be registration code sharing, like the Anaheim event?

There will be a new pack given out (which contains an SDCC exclusive vehicle) and there will be link sharing just like last time!



Great question posted by MishraArtificer on the SWTOR forums. It looks like there will be another exclusive mount at the San Diego Community Cantina. The code for the mount will work like the last exclusive mount. When the ode is redeemed there will be five codes that can be shared with others in the SWTOR community. Let’s see if we can get everyone in-game an exclusive mount.





EricMusco Focus Playtesting in Austin | 07.09.2015, 08:29 AM

Hey folks!
Interested in coming to the BioWare studio, playtesting upcoming games and content, and getting free games while you’re at it? If you’re in the greater Austin area, visit the BioWare Playtesters Facebook Group! This group will be the hub for upcoming opportunities to test new games, expansions, and other updates and changes coming to BioWare games.
Further information will be given on that page, so make sure to Like and Follow so you don’t miss any updates.
We look forward to sharing these opportunities with you soon!



esport gamingIf you are in the Austin area and love videogames, why not join BioWare’s Playtesters Facebook group? The group is where potential game testers from Austin area get together and get also where upcoming opportunities for testing will be shared. If you live near the Austin area and want to get into some playtesting be sure to head over to their Facebook group.





Star Wars Community News & Events

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