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Join Jason and Heather as they share their experiences in SWTOR. This episode we discuss what Heather and Jason have been up to in SWTOR. We also had the pleasure of interviewing a new member to the #swtorfamily, Ashe aka Lady Insanity. She talks about her new video series and wanting to reach out to those that are fans of other BioWare games. Before we get into that, why don’t we take a look at Update 3.3, The Grand Togruta Celebration?

Let’s get into this week’s podcast…








Newsnet and Beyond & Community Buzz

Update 3.3 is live: The Grand Togruta Celebration

Healing changes, PVP QoL changes & Season 6 Ranked has started,

New species: Togruta, & new Stronghold on Yavin IV

togruta cc

First impressions on the patch: Good, Bad & indifferent

Expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire is coming & our guest Lady Insanity is here to help us sort out what we will probably be seeing when it goes live

LadyInsanity scene shot1


Community News:

Interview with Lady Insanity

Rapid Fire Q&A



Contact Information:

insanity vid logo smTwitter: http://twitter.com/ladyinsanity

Twitch channel: http://twitch.tv/ladyinsanity

YouTube channel: http://twitch.tv/ladyinsanity



Quick Mentions:

Heather’s tips for SWTOR Operations

  1. Know how to play your class!


  1. If you don’t have good enough gear for story mode operations, get into a groupfinder operation because it will bolster your gear.


  1. Prepare yourself beforehand! If you’re lucky, your group will tell you what to do in a fight, but it’s better to just be familiar with it.


  1. Tell your group if you are unfamiliar with the fight or haven’t done it before.


  1. Get in voice comms.


  1. Look out for guilds that are recruiting that run operations and/or are willing to teach. Search Fleet, SWTOR forums, Reddit, social media, etc.


  1. Work as a team!


If you are a guild looking to get your guild noticed, why not contact us about being on a Guild Ready Check? If you are interested, send an email to corellianrun@gmail.com or heather@prettylittlesith.com


A lot is happening here at Corellian Run Radio. We are looking for writers, assistants to help moderate live stream chat and other areas to help our podcast continue to grow. Stay tuned!


Congratulations to The Escape Pod Cast. We would like to recognize Max and Sema on their 100th episode last week. Be sure to stop by and check out their program.



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Thank you, EVERYONE, for listening!



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