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HoloNet Links #205

Sometimes we get caught in taking life and games a bit too serious at times. Here is a video by YouTube user Guyote NOLA to help us relax and enjoy a laugh.

Now, we can get into this week’s links after the Jump…






  • Subscription Reward for August

blaster-thumbWe have now moved onto the second reward for subscribing. If you subscribe now through August 31st you will receive the blasters used by Nico Okarr in the Return trailer for SWTOR. These blasters can be used by Nico Okarr, if you subscribed prior to August 10th, or you can use these blasters for yourself. For more information on this reward or the upcoming rewards now through launch of the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion, click the following link to the rewards section for the expansion.





  • Upcoming CRR Livestreams

Our next episode will be streaming live, Sunday, August 23rd. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: We will be streaming at 4:00pm EDT / 1:00pm PDT. We look forward to seeing you next show. Corellian Run Radio would again like to thank all those who attended, watched, and followed our Twitch channel. Please join Heather and Jason live every other Sunday. If you have been attending our live stream or maybe you haven’t yet, either way mark your calendars to be there live. See you next episode.




  • Dev notes

EricMusco Datacrons Are For Legacies | 08.11.2015, 08:48 AM

Hey folks!
I wanted to pass on a little tidbit that I heard this morning. We are very actively looking to put Legacy-wide Datacrons into Knights of the Fallen Empire! We know this has been widely requested for many years and so the Design team is working as we speak to get it in.
As always, this is not a guarantee that it will make it in, but the team is hard at work to make it happen.



Datacron cubeThis is by far one of the greatest pieces of news coming out regarding the expansion. I’m personally crossing my fingers that the new Datacron system will work properly and allow the players to have Legacy-wide Datacrons. Thanks BioWare for working to make this possible in the new expansion.




EricMusco Pages Coming off of | 08.11.2015, 10:01 AM

Hey folks,
Quick heads up on some changes coming to in the next couple of days. We know that there are some pages that are in need of being updated, and some other pages that are fairly obsolete. We are starting this process by deleting some of the older pages that are no longer needed. The pages that will be removed are:

  • Elder Game Guide
  • New Player Guide
  • Game Manual
  • Events
  • Galaxy Map
  • Wallpapers (this will now link to our Facebook Wallpaper album)
  • Podcasts (still available on our YouTube channel)

We will be working to make more updates as we go, this is just the start. We just didn’t want you to be alarmed if you saw some pages disappear off the site. Thanks!



Change is not always welcome and in fact usually makes a person upset or uneasy. However, making the changes to the SWTOR website have been needed. Now that we will be having a pretty extensive change coming with the new expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire, many of the existing pages on this list would become even more out dated. As of August 13th, when I was writing the segment the only remaining section mentioned on this that was still on the website was the Galaxy Map under the HoloNet section. I’m sure as we get closer to the release of the expansion in October there will be more even updates to other pages on the SWTOR website.




EricMusco Will There Be An Announcement or Blog About What Will Happen With Companion Crews? | 08.13.2015, 12:54 PM

Quote: Originally Posted by Aries_cz

They will, sometime between now and launch. At least on how it will work mechanically, do not expect a spoilers to the story.

This is correct! We will always try to avoid getting into spoilers but we will be talking more about how things like Companions and Crew Skills will be working. All in good time, soon™.


SWTORlogo sm_KotFE1

It is good to see that Eric is posting in a thread started by a player and also offering confirmation that there will be an update relating to crew skills without giving away any spoilers. However, I think a blog about the changes, even a rough outline should have been added to the website as soon as Gamescom was over. We already know via BioWare that there is a good chance existing companions may not all be with you. Since crew skills are directly tied in with your companions it stands to reason the basic changes to crew skills in the expansion are how they are when KotFE launches. Of course there is still testing being done and some issues might arise that will need to be adjusted/fixed. The community is just eager for news and communication from BioWare. I feel a blog on crew skills would help in terms of good will with the community. This needs to happen faster than soon™.




Star Wars Community News & Events

  • Corellian Run Radio’s Weekly Nav Coordinates

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08/07 HoloNet Links #204 by Jason Taylor

08/11 Episode 150: Interview w/ Joe & Gamescom – podcast

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  • SWTOR Community Blog Highlighted: Swtorista

After Update 3.0, we have had the costume designer and many of us have been trying to get our “fashion-on.” One community has been helping in this are for a long time now. I am referring to Swtorista. In one of the recent blogs, she helps players find “Lore-Appropriate Footwear for SWTOR Togruta.” Swtorista first goes back and addresses some lore on how Togruta generally don’t wear shoes due to their connection to the land. Through Star Wars related movies, cartoons and etc. the author has found a few options in SWTOR that might just help you complete your more lore-appropriate outfit for your Togruta. Be sure to read through the article and the examples of in-game footwear.


Master Shaak Ti showing an example of Togruta footwear



  • SWTOR fan video

This week’s fan video comes from YouTube user ImperialNewsNetwork. The song, “You’re the Best,’ is used for this video and is from the 80’s classic Karate Kid movie. In this fan created music video, there are two characters training in hand to hand combat, great use of the character perks for hand combat actions. One toon takes the role of being the trainer/teacher and the other his student. The music video follows the typical plot of many classic fighting movies, in which the student has a tough time till the end and is finally able to best their teacher. The in-game footage is great, especially the slow-motion footage. Get out your karate belt, make sure it is a black belt or the $3.98 belt from JCPenny’s, and then press play on this week’s SWTOR music video.

If you have created a video about your adventures in SWTOR let us know by emailing a link to or We would love to share it on our website!



Please let us know if you have a particular link, story, video, or blog related to SWTOR we would love to hear about it! You can send those to us here at Corellian Run Radio and we can place it in a future article. Just email us the links and/or the details for the event at, or you can also leave any link suggestions in the comments below, or in Corellian Run Radio’s Facebook group. See you next week!




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