Oct 192015

Join Jason and Heather as they share their experiences in SWTOR. This episode they discuss what they have been up to in SWTOR. It is party time! Heather and Jason are joined by Community Team Mgr. Eric Musco from Star Wars the Old Republic. Eric talks about the excitement surrounding Early Access and answers a few questions about the expansion previously not discussed.

Let’s get into this week’s podcast…





FallenEmpire banner party hype


Newsnet and Beyond:

Conquest Reward issues have been resolved. 4.0 will start off with Conquest without any delay



New Event & Conquest schedule Early Access through end of January2016



GTN items being sold will be cancelled during maintenance and mailed back to players



Musco answers several questions in forums



Community News:

Hyped up for Early Access!

Eric Musco Q&A about KotFE and more

eric nycc2

**follow-up questions and answers**

Why is the Gree event not as frequent as the others?
Bounty Contract week is self-explanatory. Rakghoul is running fairly often, as there is actually a companion tied to Alliance that you can only get from the Rakghoul event, so we wanted to make sure it ran fairly frequently. Lastly, we needed to space out events quite a bit since they have Conquests that coincide with the event. It is those reasons that affected the overall scheduling of the Gree event.


Will class missions in an instance be subjected to level sync?
“They are, yes. However, there are exceptions. Ex – the end of the Jedi Knight story is not level sync’d”


With the bolster going away on Makeb, will the Rise of the Hutt Cartel mission still be accessible at level 47?
“You can still access Makeb at level 47! In talking to the team they expressed that just through normal leveling however, you will likely be well above that level by the time you finish Chapter 3 of your Class story.”


Can companions, like Treek heal and tank simultaneously as before 4.0?
My guess on the show was correct. Treek can still heal, and tank, but not at the same time.”


Cartel Pack Giveaway

What Smuggler and Sith Warrior companions know each other?

Answer: Risha and Vette

Congrats to our chatroom winner – Ech0location


Special thanks to Nic for the packs!


Quick Mentions:

Gaddock Teeg of the Unnamed SWTOR podcast has a new episode!



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