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Mox n LanaJoin Jason and Heather as they share their experiences in SWTOR. This episode they discuss what they have been up to in SWTOR. It has been a few weeks since our last podcast. I am still on the mend, but that will hopefully not keep us from bringing you some news, information and of course plenty of fun. Case in point, this week we rolled out the welcome mat for Mox. Many of you might know him from Passionately Casual Podcast. He is the audio engineer. Mox shares his thoughts on SWTOR along with details of his other projects.
Let’s get into this week’s podcast…




Newsnet and Beyond:

Early access bugs

Naked Aric Jorgan causing laughs but required a reset to the chapter. It has been fixed.


Stealth Nerf of Slicing Boxes 4.1 had all Yavin boxes at Prototype (blue) grade – $2 – 4K now they are Premium (green) Grade (Probably needed, but why not mention it in the patch notes)


Eric Musco did comment on the Producer Livestream Recap – “Slicing nodes were dropping more credits than intended so that changed allowed us to bring those credit gains back to a more desired range. This is also without impacting Slicing Crew Skill Missions, which can still drop Prototype Lockboxes.”

here is the link


Season 7 still in the planning stages.


Interesting about Conquest bonus for SHs regarding 5th SH being able to be added


Live dev stream

State of the Galaxy

Chap Disavowed 11

Eternal Championship moved again will be on PTS in late March

BioWare acknowledging community content

April 5th is scheduled date for new Odessen proving grounds & Rishi arena


April rewards HK weapon set vibrosword, pistol, sniper rifle

Story time w/ Charles Boyd brief intro to lead into chap 12


Community Buzz

CRR Twitter Poll results – 32% polled found it extremely helpful or great.

CRR poll1 result

PTS: Our thoughts on testing.

Possible improvements, incentives, and more


Star Wars podcasting awards @SWPodcastAwards

This was the first year for these awards. They are all voted by listeners and those in the community. It is a great way for those in the Star Wars community creating all these amazing shows to get some recognition for their hard work.

Congrats to all those shows who were nominated. As soon as we get the results we will pass them along.


Quick Mentions:

Better Temples and Gardens:

Drew Bolton video series took time to checkout a Yavin SH decorated by Squeeks


What does the Mox say? Our informal interview with the audio engineer/producer for Passionately Casual Podcast and co-leader of Unholy Alliance / Wookiee Mistake guilds.

A few examples of his Star Wars love through cloth:

Hot Pads Quilt Back Quilt Front

Quilted Bag


Contact info for Mox:

Twitter: @FtWorthJim

Check out his quilting stream:


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