Apr 192016

Join Jason and Heather as they share their experiences in SWTOR. This episode they discuss what they have been up to in SWTOR. Heather, Mox & Jason are on a “Vision Quest.” They take a look at the visions similar to Chapter 12 and also to those Rey sees in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. They also talk about the new additions to PVP that came in Update 4.3, plus information about next month’s story update, Chapter 13 Profit and Plunder.

Let’s get into this week’s podcast…


Newsnet & Beyond


Visions in the Dark is Live! Chapter 12 is now ingame with Update 4.3



Season 7 of Ranked PVP has started. Was the sneaky launch of the new season good or bad?


PVP also got the new Odessen Proving Grounds. It is the new King of the Hill Warzone.


This is a cross-faction Warzone. Be ready to join members of the other faction in this “wargame” exercise.


Did everyone see server transfers were free? Well in a manner of speaking. It turns out there was an issue with server transfers.


Hey folks,

Just to clear up any confusion. Yes, server transfers did end up free for a period of a few hours last night. However, this isn’t a permanent change. There is also no need to panic as this isn’t a precursor to anything.

We had received reports that players were experiencing problems over the past few days with Character Transfers. We were doing some testing with the Character Transfer service to resolve this issue and the price going to zero was a side effect of that testing. Some very observant players were able to benefit from that testing . Apologies for any confusion!



SH bonus is correctly showing at 125%


Hey folks,

I need to clarify my clarification. What I stated in the post above is actually not correct.

The team wanted to ensure that with the change to allow 5 Strongholds, we didn’t punish players who currently had 4. Also, we wanted to reward players who decorated all 5. The way Conquest bonuses work now is that you will earn 25% bonus for each fully decorated Stronghold. So if you had 4 decorated Strongholds before and were at 100%, you will still be at 100%. However, now you can unlock and decorate a 5th Stronghold to get to 125%.

Apologies for any confusion I caused with my previous post! Thanks everyone.



BioWare announces Profit & Plunder as the title for Chapter 13 coming May 5th



Community Buzz

Which Star Wars: The Force Awakens version did you get or plan to get?


Rey’s vision in Star Wars: The Force Awakens







Quick Mentions

Casual Core Radio is saying goodbye to Drew aka Geldarion. He is friend and former co-host here at Corellian Run Radio. We want to wish Drew all the best in scholastic endeavors.

If you are interested in possibly joining Joe to talk about MMOs, go to http://casualcoreradio.com/ and click on contact us tab.


Star Wars original Trilogy coming back to 20 cities in a special format http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2016/04/13/star-wars-original-trilogy-returning-to-theaters/?intcmp=hpffo&intcmp=obnetwork

Triple Feature Dates


Episode #1 & #2 for Have a Nice Daycast are out! Be sure to follow Knite and Sin to keep up with their insight in PVP



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