May 172016

Join Mox and Redna of It’s a Trap! Podcast as they fill in for Jason and Heather who are both under the weather! They discuss what they’ve currently been up to in-game, including Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter 13: Profit and Plunder, and the new Eternal Championship as well as other news and issues in Star Wars: The Old Republic. 

Let’s get into this week’s podcast…



Newsnet & Beyond


Profit and Plunder is Live! Chapter 13 is now ingame with Update 4.4


The Eternal Championship is live! Dulfy has a great guide on her website.


Eric Musco answered some questions about the Eternal Championship speed run cheats. Vulkk has posted the information on his website!


Cross region server transfers – The restriction on Regional Transfers has been removed. Players are now able to transfer from their server to any other server. Here is the updated pricing:

  • Transfer within the same region: 1,000 CC
  • Regional Transfer: 1,500 CC


Eternal Empire Walker Changes – The Walker which was previously only available as a drop in Star Fortress is now also available for purchase using the Eternal Championship currency. 48 Tokens. In addition, the walker is also Bound to Legacy.


Eric Musco has also addressed some concerns with Weapon Tuning on the official forums.

Hey folks,
I wanted to stop in to this thread and address some of the questions/concerns that have arisen since we introduced Weapon Tunings yesterday. First off, please keep the feedback coming. We have seen a lot of feedback relating to things like drop rates, adding the tuning to Collections, etc. The team is actively looking at all of your feedback and considering what future changes, if any, need to occur. Here are a few of the common questions we have seen:

Is the Weapon Tuning more rare than other rare items?
The Weapon Tuning’s drop rate is on par with most other rare items found in a pack. At times there are rare items which are exceedingly rare, such as the Unstable Lightsaber, but the Weapon Tuning is not one of them. As a note, we are looking at more clearly designating that extra rarity as Platinum in 4.5.

Are Weapon Tunings only going to drop from the Cartel Market?
Although we introduced the system through the Cartel Market, there are plans moving forward to have Weapon Tunings that are not a part of the Cartel Market. That being said, future packs will likely contain them as well.

My favorite item doesn’t have a Weapon Tuning Slot, will you be adding more?
Yup! In fact, we will be making a thread in the Suggestion Box forum where you can let us know specific weapons that you would like to see a Tuning Slot added to.

Thanks everyone.



Community Buzz

Community Manager Eric Musco recently did an all-day livestream on SWTOR’s official Twitch channel on Saturday, May 14th, where he played through all of the current chapters of Knights of the Fallen Empire!


Quick Mentions

Thanks Redna for filling in on this week’s episode! He is one of the hosts of the Star Wars canon podcast, It’s a Trap! and has previously been a guest on Corellian Run Radio. You can follow him on Twitter @R3DN4 and check out his podcast’s website.


Sechari, a streamer previously featured on the show, has re-branded himself. He is now an all-around Star Wars gaming streamer–not exclusively Star Wars: The Old Republic!

Games he will be playing include:

The Old Republic (SWTOR) Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Empire at War Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
Battlefront (New Version) Republic Commando
Battlefront II KOTOR 1 and 2
Dark Forces The Force Unleashed 1 and 2

You can see more details of Sechari’s stream at



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A lot is happening here at Corellian Run Radio. We are still looking for writers, assistants to help moderate live stream chat and other areas to help our podcast continue to grow. Stay tuned!


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