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Join Jason, Heather and Mox as they share their experiences in SWTOR. This episode they discuss what they have been up to in SWTOR. Dark vs Light event is going strong. As many are busy leveling new DvL toons, Mox tested out various leveling experiments. Find out what he discovered and how leveling has changed. The hosts also talk about expansion announcement and the five years of SWTOR “look back” video.

Let’s get into this week’s podcast…







Newsnet & Beyond

SW Celebration Europe – EA SW games

James Ohlen announced new xpac: Knights of the Eternal Throne coming Fall 2016


Interview with James Ohlen about announcement about the newly announced expansion Knights of the Eternal Throne


5yr “look back” trailer was posted on the swtor website

Neat look back and the numbers from the past 5 years of SWTOR


8.4 million Imperial Agents

12.9 million Jedi Knights

12.9 million Sith Warriors

8.6 million Republic Troopers


87 million characters


over 340 hours of voiced story

53% Light Side

47% Dark Side


1.5 billion hours choosing your path


HM Flashpoint bug on last boss in Manaan


Community Buzz

Leveling Mox Style
Leveling experiment:

1 Character with only Guild 10% XP buff


1 character with Max current buffs:

Guild 10%

Legacy Exploration 30%

Legacy Story 30%

DvL Armor 40%

Clickable XP Buff 25%


Korriban – 14.7 vs. 18.6

Dromund Kaas – 28.25 vs. 33.25


Changes to Area Missions

Relocation of Quest givers such as Sandor on DK who gives Revanite missions.


Changes to Bonus series Patch notes 4.1

  • Removed the Nar Shaddaa, Hoth, and Alderaan Bonus Series Mission NPCs from the Fleets. The Mission chain can now be accepted directly NPC’s on planet upon reaching level 60. Most of these NPC’s are in the spaceports, but Alderaan on imp side is in Thul Palace. (Did not do Pub side)
  • Tatooine not mentioned here, but is also moved to level 60.


Bonus series seems bugged as far as rewards are concerned. I was getting planet level rewards, not level based rewards. Given that level 60 is required, this seems to be an error.  I submitted a bug report.  We’ll see what happens.


Quick Mentions

Sad news about a fellow SWTOR player, a DJ for Radio Free, Josey, passed away. There will be an ingame memorial on the Ebon Hawk server. It will be this Sunday, August 7th. There are some more details found on the website.

joseyrf-287x300RIP DJ Josey


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