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Join Jason, Mox, and Ravanel as they share their experiences in SWTOR. This week the team discusses the features from the recent dev livestreams. They mention their likes, dislikes and concerns. Early Access is coming November 29th and with that all crystals and almost every commendation will be converted to credits. Should you save or spend, that is the question the team tries to answer.

Let’s get into this week’s podcast…







2-drawing-by-ethuilielInked picture by Rav’s friend Ethuiliel for Inktober.

Be sure to head over to Ethuiliel’s blog and check out more of her artwork

Newsnet & Beyond

Live Stream Details from the past few weeks

  • Uprisings – Fast paced 4 person group content. Solo, Veteran when 5.0 goes live with Mastery soon to follow. Uprisings should be around 15-30 minutes to run one
  • Repeatable Story chapters
    • “With this one, I’m just not sure who it is for. I replayed KotFE a couple of times already, and it honestly started to get quite tedious after the third time or so. (…) even if you love replaying the story, why wouldn’t you rather do so an alt, where you can actually see how different choices play out long term?” — Shintar of Going Commando in Condensed commentary
  • Crafting in 5.0

It will be a gap filler as far as gear. Basically crafting will be used to fill out the gear slots that you have not earned yet via Galactic Command Ranks.

Influencer Program

A new community program was announced last dev stream. Eric announced the Influencer program. It will be a way for SWTOR to highlight content creators, from bloggers, podcasters, streamers, etc to get mentioned and recognized for their hard work in the SWTOR community

Community Buzz

Our thoughts on the Commendation conversion coming in 5.0

Below are some items you can spend your crystals and Warzone comms, plus where to find them.

The Fleets:

  • Level 5 companion for 10 common data crystals apiece


Warzone Commendations

PVP Deco vendor:

  • Custom Huttball Stand for 2018 Warzone comms
  • Voidstar Bomb deco for 1,500 Warzone comms
  • Ancient Hypergate Energy Orb for 1,000 Warzone comms



  • Level 6 companion gifts for 30 common data crystals apiece
  • Locked supply crates are 50 common data crystals apiece
  • *Exotic Isotope stabilizers are 25 glowing data crystals
  • *Dark Matter Catalyst are 200 radiant crystals

*will most likely be useless crafting materials in 5.0


Quick Mentions

Thanks for everyone who helped, donated and participated in this year’s Extra Life event!

We had a lot of fun Saturday during the Movie with Musco!



Do you enjoy taking screenshots? Well if so, there is a contest for you!

Currently, there’s a screenshot challenge going on the month of November: International Picture Posting Month (IntPiPoMo).

Click the following link for details:


Rogue One Countdown: only 35 days when we recorded 11/10/2016

Check out the newest International trailer


A bit of sad news to report with the death of Carla’s dog Sadie.


Carla is one of the founders here at Corellian Run Radio and we send out our thoughts to her and her family.


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