Nov 212016

Join Jason, Mox, Ravanel as they share their experiences in SWTOR. This week the team discusses the planets and story in the upcoming Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion. They are joined by theorycrafter Conrad, who gives an in depth review of the class changes in 5.0. What new skills are promising and which utilities should you pick?

Let’s get into this week’s special extended podcast…





Newsnet & Beyond

News from the official livestream and more – spoiler warning!

  • Rule the Galaxy trailer

We see the Outlander fighting Vaylin for the throne. Theron fans should pay close attention to 0:23.


Regardless of what you chose in chapter 16, Senya and a comatose Arcann land on Ord Mantell, where Senya confronts Vaylin. The story explains what we saw in the first trailer and on that very first KOTET picture that was released.



  • SWTOR Livestream (17 Nov)

  • Two new planets:
    • Iokath

A dyson sphere: a planet built around a sun.

    • Nathema

Hopefully we’ll be able to find out what happened to Vaylin here

  • Tip: complete Star Fortress of Voss before heading there in Eternal Throne (23:30)


Community Buzz

Class Changes coming in 5.0 with Conrad

  • Disclaimer: difficult to predict game balance without knowing numbers
  • Discussion of changes listed on the dev post
  • Impact of changes in PvE and PvP
  • Advanced classes starting at lvl 1


Quick Mentions:

A big thank you to the streamers who hosted this episode!

Rogue One Countdown: only 26 days when we recorded 19/11/2016

Catalyst: Rogue One novel

Cartel Pack Giveaway! The two winners from the chat room audience are Slayersorange from the Jedi Covenant and Daroki from the Harbinger.

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