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Join Jason, Mox, and Ravanel as they share their experiences in SWTOR. This week the team discusses their first (spoiler free) impressions of the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion. Furthermore, Heather joins in as they report back with dev answers to their critical expansion questions.

Let’s get into this week’s spoiler free podcast…







Newsnet & Beyond

We discuss the release of Knights of the Eternal Throne. A bug regarding KOTFE chapter 16 and an exploit with heroics were addressed in a hotfix. Links:

The option to customize Shae Vizla’s outfit turned out to be a bug. Changing the outfits of new companions would cause technical issues. A shame, because people love dressing up.







Everyone shares their first impressions of the expansion.


Community Buzz

Corellian Run Radio participated in a conference call with Charles Boyd and Ben Irving of the SWTOR developer team. Each member highlights and discusses their most pressing question of the dev roundtable:

  • Mox: Are the DvL bosses locked or not?

Answer: Not. They currently work like world bosses and can be reset by taunts.

  • JT: Are there plans to address the community concern regarding command XP and RNG?

Answer: We are looking how things work out first, but do not rule out changes.

  • Rav: What are the thoughts on forced low rank companions in veteran+ chapters?

Answer: It is intended. You can compensate with gear and gifts.

  • Heather: What content is there for veteran players?

Answer: Veteran mode story, uprisings and DvL bosses. More plans in January.


Read the full report with all questions and their detailed answers here: Summary of the Round Table.



The team discusses spoilers. How do we keep social media spoiler free? And is it really that bad to be spoiled? A study by the University of California shows that spoilers make us feel more involved with the story… as long as we’re not aware.

A link to the video concerning the study


Quick Mentions:

State of the Galaxy Reunion podcast was live on Twitch:

Members of Unholy Alliance/Wookiee Mistake and SWTOR community members helped out each other to finish up the DvL event!

The Balance Force podcast with Master Liu of SL and Harb and my co-guild leader Alise:


You can sign up for Rav’s holiday card swap here:


CRR thanks BioWare for inviting us to the Dev Roundtable. We like to thank the community content creators who participated as well as Charles and Ben for making time for us. Special thanks go to Larry Everett from Massively OP for recording the call for the members of Corellian Run who could not attend.

Are you interested in getting your guild noticed, maybe you have an in-game event you would like us to announce or maybe you want to join us on the air, why not contact us about making a mention on our next podcast? If you are interested, send an email to

Corellian Run Radio is still looking for writers, assistants to help moderate live stream chat and other areas to help our podcast continue to grow. Stay tuned!


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