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screenshot-2015Join Jason, Mox and Ravanel as they share their experiences in SWTOR. This week the team dives into the tricky waters that is the galactic command system, discussing the announced changes and sharing their tips to galactic domination. What is Mox’ dirty little secret to command rank 104? Be sure to check out the exclusive from BioWare Austin coming this January.

Let’s find out in this week’s podcast…





New Uprising trailer: Trench Runner


Newsnet & Beyond

BioWare has been busy, treating us with a whopping two dev streams:


Dec. 8th Dev livestream with Charles & Ben

  • Bingo card by redditor Cybannus
  • Rebalancing changes to Galactic Command XP:
    • Increasing the amount of CXP from Uprisings: +50% from storymode, +80% from veteran
    • Warzone CXP stays the same
    • Defeating gold strength mobs will reward with 2 CXP instead of 1. Ten was too much, because people just farmed them all day every day. Hopefully now people won’t farm them, but we will get a bit more CXP out of gold mobs in flashpoints etc.
  • Anniversary is up (drop by the fleet vendor for free stuff) and there are lots of events – make sure to check the calendar


Dec. 15th Dev livestream with Ben, Charles & Eric

  • Free chapter 1 of Eternal Throne actions:
  • Major changes for PvP and operation loot coming with 5.1 (Jan. 24th):
    • Changes to operations:
      • Every operation boss has a chance to drop an unassembled token for a piece of (set bonus) gear
      • The further you get into an operation, the higher the chance bosses will drop gear
      • The last boss in every operation is guaranteed to drop a specific unassembled token
      • The tiers of gear drops will correspond with the difficulty of the operation:
        • Story = tier 1
        • Veteran = tier 2
        • Master = tier 3
      • To convert the unassembled pieces you will need command tokens
      • You will get a command token in every command crate you open. These will be bestowed retroactively with 5.1
    • Changes to PVP:
      • Unassembled pieces will be rewarded from PVP matches
      • Medals, wins etc. will contribute to the amount awarded
      • These plus command tokens can be turned into gear, gated by ranking
      • A set of tier 1 must be purchased before buying tier 2 and so on
    • Tip for PvP’ers: hang onto set bonus armour shells to update them with 5.1
  • screenshot-2014Coming in January:
    • 5 New uprisings using new mechanics from the KOTET story
    • Master mode for chapters
    • News about new larger group content
    • Past DvL event achievements will be put back into the game
  • Coming in February or March:
    • Master mode uprisings


Community Buzz

We discuss the positive and negative sides of the new CXP booster. Reading tip: Are Galactic Command boosts on the cartel market one step too far? (Going Commando)


The team shares their tips for getting CXP and hypothesizes about the impact of 5.1 on the system. Announcement: we will discuss the CXP system in depth with Shintar of Going Commando on 7 January 2017!


Quick Mentions

Tracker for DvL alignment per server on SWTOR Data.


XamXam Says has great tips for mat farming in PSA Mat Farming in 5.0.


Simulated optimal character stat numbers by Goblin_Lackey are up on the SWTOR forum; TOR Community has the stats of individual 240 gear pieces for planning a cost efficient build.


SWTOR Escape Pod Cast uses behavioral science in their latest episode to explain why “we do not deserve RNG, but we need it”.


“Only” 361 days until Star Wars Episode VIII!


Mercs on tour in Europe!

Jason’s & Mox’ mercs will go on tour for a one day event on The Red Eclipse server! December 30th, at 3pm EST / 12noon PST and 9pm CET, Mox and JT will be joining Rav to run some Uprisings. We will be streaming this event, so everyone can see how derpy Mox and JT are   how well Rav can drag us through mercs rule. We will also be giving away a few prizes!


Today’s winners from chat:

  • 24fanlover of The Harbinger
  • Captainsrex of Jedi Covenant
  • Darkenedgem of The Harbinger


Finally, a big thank you to Constant Warfare and Hyperspace Beacon for hosting this episode!


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