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Join Jason, Mox and Ravanel as they share their experiences in SWTOR. This week they are joined by SWTOR blogger and commando enthusiast Shintar. CRR discusses the latest news and the social implications of the galactic command system, and comes with an official response from BioWare regarding the Fractured exploit.

Quit that Fractured pug as your hosts deal out the info in this week’s podcast…





Newsnet & Beyond

Dev Livestream (Jan 5th 2017)

  • Character transfers will go back to their usual price in either 1 week or 2 weeks. If you want to transfer characters, do it now.
  • Jan 17th: end of anniversary rewards
  • Jan 24th: 5.1 goes live (the return of gear drops)


Fractured exploit

There is an exploit in Fractured that you can possibly take part in without intending to. We recommend playing with friends and not queueing for Fractured specifically with randoms.

We approached Eric Musco for clarification and received the following official response.

image via Dulfy.net

image via Dulfy.net


Eric Musco:

“First, thank you (and everyone else) who reported the bug taking place in the Fractured Uprising. We are aware of it and are investigating the issue and its impact. As for action that could be taken we will reiterate our stance on exploits: Any bug which a player can use to gain an advantage can be viewed as an exploit and could lead to action being taken against their account.”


CRR: What are some steps players can take in order to keep themselves safe, especially since this particular exploit happens so fast?

  • “Let the group know ahead of time that you don’t want to participate in any exploits, to go through the Uprising as intended.
  • If an exploit occurs, report any offending individuals.
  • Alert BioWare privately of this issue (we are already aware in this instance and are investigating).”


CRR: Would BioWare consider removing Fractured from the rotation of Uprisings until it is patched?

“This is a great suggestion, we are looking into this as a part of our investigation of The Fractured Uprising.”


Community Buzz

shintarInterview with blogger, SWTOR gamer and commando lover – Shintar

Contact info

Twitter: @ShintarCommando

Blog: swtorcommando.blogspot.com (Going Commando)


Discussion of the social implications of the Galactic Command system




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Quick Mentions

341 Days until Episode VIII

PvP player distribution by Snave: https://youtu.be/RG8rINu4FHI


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ConstantWarfare (30 day sub) & Calphaya (450 CC)


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