Jan 252017

Join Jason, Mox and Ravanel as they share their experiences in SWTOR. This week they are joined by CRR’s home theorycrafter Conrad. We discuss the latest news about the gearing system of 5.1 and Bioware’s handling of the Fractured exploit. Finally, we dive into an in-depth discussion of class balance with Conrad, the state of the sorc class in particular.

No sorcs were harmed in the production of this week’s podcast…


Newsnet & Beyond

Character transfers are back to the normal rate.


Upcoming dates:

Jan 24th: 5.1 goes live (the return of gear drops)

Jan 26th: next SWTOR livestream. Thursday 5pm EST / 11pm CET


Some news about 5.1 (hit the forum yesterday)

  • 2 guaranteed drops from the last boss of 8 man raids, 4 drops in 16 man
  • CXP increase for ops

We discuss our thoughts on boss drops for 5.1.


Fractured exploit

Will be fixed on the 24th with 5.1, no action taken against participants.

Everyone briefly shares their thoughts.

Background reading (in order of appearance):

Ravalation: Thoughts on the Fractured exploit

Going Commando: Exploitarama

Inventory Full: I Say! That’s Not Cricket!

Galactic Antics: Crossing Lines and Fracturing Opinions


Community Buzz

We discuss the current class balance with Conrad. Of special interest is the DPS sorc/sage, which is performing unreasonably bad:


  • Summary of 5.0 changes
  • How the sorc is affected by the changes
  • Reasons for DPS underperformance in PvE
  • Suggestions to rebalance without breaking PvP


Quick Mentions

Episode VIII: 327 Days

Carrie Fisher will not be digitized in episode IX

SWTOR Central reached 10,000 subs on YouTube

Jessie and Vulkk became an influencer. Jessie wrote Under the Influence(r) about it

The Usual Podcast is now live streaming

Fibro Jedi: 19 Ways to Save Credits in SWTOR

CXP Fun fact: if you’ve already done the Shae Vizla encounter and still have the holocommunicator, you can consume it and get 20 CXP. It also works for Master Ranos and Niko.

Note that if you unlock Shae Vizla before KotFE, you will lose her until after chapter 14. This is intended.

Today’s show we gave away another 30-day sub code and 450 Cartel Coins. Be sure to join us live for your chance to win!

A big thanks to Kid Lee and Larry Everett for the hosts on Twitch.



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