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Join Jason, Mox and Ravanel as they get super excited about the latest news in SWTOR. Last week, the game gained five new uprisings, master mode for the Knights expansions and super clear new target circles. But that’s not all: the devs have announced new grind reducing changes to galactic command and Rav wins the supreme tinfoil hat for predicting the bosses of the upcoming War for Iokath raid.

Count us saying super when you tune in to this week’s podcast…







Newsnet & Beyond

Update 5.1 went live:

  • 5 New uprisings
  • Master mode story
  • New target circles







image via Going Commando


Upcoming CXP changes:

  • Update 5.1.1 (Feb 7)
    • CXP gains now additive
    • Leveling event: 250% CXP gain until 5.2
    • CXP packs now bind on legacy
    • 100% CXP boost from command tokens
  • Update 5.1.2 (Feb 28)
    • More CXP for:
      • Boss kills in operations
      • Group finder daily
      • Completion mission FPs
      • FP, Uprising & Operation weeklies
    • More unassembled tokens from warzones


CXP Changes helping better Galactic Command for all…including devs



Dev livestream Jan 26th:

Announcement Update 5.2: The War For Iokath

  • Master mode available for all uprisings
  • New storyline: Rep. and Empire fight for Iokath
  • New daily area (with new mechanics) and reputation factions
  • Two returning companions: Quin (if you side with Empire); Elara (if you side with Republic)
  • New operation
    • Five bosses in total, released over the course of 2017
    • First boss, Tyth, comes with 5.2 (April)

Community Buzz

We discuss possible new raid bosses that Rav has researched in her article Who is Tyth? The War for Iokath and the Old Gods (Ravalation).


Other bloggers about the new raid:

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Going Commando: 5.2 – New Operation Inc.!


Quick Mentions

313 Days until Episode VIII

We now know the title: The Last Jedi


The Usual Podcast is Live!


Galactic Alliance Statue (for players that were subbed for the full 5 years) now stacks up to 50 times rather than once.


I am Sechari: Character Role Play in the New SWTOR


SOTOR podcast blog: A Dream of Empire – A Dream of CXP


Results from the straw poll (favourite source of CXP): 50% flashpoints/uprisings, 34% PvP, 16% other.


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