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Join Jason, Mox and Ravanel as they discuss the latest news in SWTOR. This week is all about the bonus CXP! If you like the grind or not, everyone is enjoying the extra Command XP currently in the game. Being able to open a Command crate more frequently does seem a bit more rewarding. The team also talks about the Valentine’s Day Facebook stream from BioWare and much more.

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This week’s poll question:

Would you rather open more command crates or higher % gear drops on Op bosses?


Newsnet & Beyond

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New purple circle around characters on the mini map

  • intended to make them more visible.
  • Good idea, but not the best solution


Last minute change from 250% CXP & XP to 350% CXP for 2 weeks. (when does it end?)



Should we keep the 350% CXP bonus?


What will happen to cxp after 5.2 goes live? Eric explains in dev post


Facebook Livestream 14th February:

Story in SWTOR with Charles Boyd & Eric Musco. Players could suggest questions beforehand.

  • On KOTET:
    • Mother – daughter relationship is ill explored in popular media
    • “Betrayed” trailer: both feel betrayed by each other in a way
  • Boyd’s favourite LS/DS choice: trooper storyline, helping your friend or 300 soldiers you haven’t met (the one(s) you don’t help will die) – so hard to make
  • How are you dealing with having a player have so much power (at the end of KOTET)? They realise it’s a challenge, but they wanted to go with it anyway, because it’s another unexplored perspective in MMOs
  • Boyd confession time: “I’m kinda a softie when I’m playing my own characters through the story. My characters are all light side rulers; so far I haven’t been able to let myself become the evil dictator of the universe.”
  • They have made a YouTube playlist for starting players.


Community Buzz


Does SWTOR need an XP stopper? Some argue they don’t want to level up as fast.

  • Rav has some feedback from LOTRO, which has an XP stopper


Ingame xp “stopper”



Helpful tips and hints for Master mode & CXP

The SWTOR Escape Podcast #182: Max and Sema give some advice for Master mode chapters.

  • Get your companions to full influence
  • Each fight & boss encounter needs to be thought through. Plan a strat
  • Use CC’s, Hard stuns, defensive & offensive cooldowns
  • Try different utilities and even specs. Also try your companions on different specs
  • Passive companions can heal, if you have their abilities keybound (I did not know this)
  • Kill order – CC, focus on high damage low health or healer etc
  • And many other tips

Head over to their Twitch channel to watch the video


Note from Rav: keep in mind that some classes are way better suited for master mode than others. Get ready for a lot of frustration if you’re trying to do it on a class without good defensive skills (e.g. sage) – better wait until you have the appropriate T3 gear. See http://ravalation.blogspot.com/2017/02/artificial-versus-designed-difficulty.html


Progressing further into operations doesn’t ‘feel’ much different for the first 4 bosses. Would be nice if it’s linear, say 1st boss 20%, 2nd 40%, 3rd 60% etc. It’s all about how about using the system and still reward gear for people who like to do veteran & master mode.


Poll results: Would you rather open more command crates or higher % gear drops on Op bosses?

Higher chance of gear drops: 75% (6 votes)

Command crates coming faster: 25% (2 votes)

Votes on 02-21-2017


CXP “tiredness”

Going Commando: Taking stock

(the fun is in everything that’s not GC: the leveling)


Quick Mentions

Ask a Game Dev: How do you get a dev to listen to your feedback?


Tip for if you want a high influence companion with you if you’re doing a heroic: start chapter 2 of KOTET on master mode, go out and enter a flashpoint manually. Empress Acina will be rank 45.

Fun fact (KOTET spoiler): if you put a shock collar on minister Lorman at the end of KOTET chapter 2, you get a special skill to trigger it. Empress Acina greatly approves.


Random fun fact: new XboX will be called Scorpio. I bet Scorpio is not amused.

Source: http://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/xbox-scorpio-reveal-e3-2017/


Episode VIII: The Last Jedi: 299 Days

Confirmed that Jedi is plural in new movie!


SWTOR Indianapolis Hangout! Feb 25th at 3pm est


A big thanks to Kid Lee, Gem, Brains, and Constant Warfare for the hosts on Twitch.


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