Apr 252017

Join Jason, Mox and Ravanel as they discuss the latest news in SWTOR. This week Update 5.2 finally goes live! Along with the update, gear drops on bosses return, some changes are made to Galactic Command and tons of new content is added: a new first boss of an operation, a new daily area on Iokath and much more. The team discusses their first impressions of the new story without spoilers and the rest of the new update. Plus Mox mentions the future possibilities of romancing Ugnaughts??!!

All this & more in this episode…







Newsnet & Beyond

This week’s Poll question:

Which side did you choose on your main? Imperial or Republic


    • Dev livestream https://www.twitch.tv/videos/134080312
      • Reveal: galaxy map (discuss!)
    • Delay of 5.2 by one week (too many bugs, no specifics told)
    • Change of producer
    • Community Cantina in Orlando (April 14th)
      • Hints at things in 5.3
      • Next boss is named: Ivela and Esne, the twin sisters, will be next up in the Op
        • From Ravalation:
          • Aivela, “the Favoured Daughter”, was the goddess of passion. She accompanied Tyth on the battlefield and was the twin sister of Esne.
          • Esne was was envious of her sister Aivela, because she was the favored daughter. The Eyes of Esne was a common metaphor for jealousy among the people of Zakuul.
      • New FP coming based on the planet Umbara
      • Cantina Code for Speeder: SWCANTINA17


  • Code for droid: SWCELEBRATION17




  • 5.2 Patch notes
    • Class intros have changed
  • Servers down on Thursday (April 20th) for Tyth hotfix

Community Buzz

Our first Impressions of 5.2

  • The story (no spoilers)
  • Tyth

  • The daily area & quests
    • Issues with questing in a group
  • “World boss”
  • Elara & Malevai –
    • Do we like that you are forced to choose between them?
    • Romance?
  • Master mode uprisings
  • Permanent CXP buff
  • Cryptic nerf message – quests that allow you to get new pets
  • Bugs?
    • Quinn / Elara not appearing on companion list for some players
    • Quinn lost his first name
    • Nar Shaddaa planetary mission still auto completes
    • Mox saw glitches in cutscenes


Quick Mentions

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Dulfy’s Tyth guide & Daily area guide


Don’t forget to take a picture of your Tyth kill and send it to the Bad Feeling Podcast for a chance to win 200 million credits




Speaking of them they are live! https://www.twitch.tv/badfeelingpodcast


Xam Xam Says: SWTOR Game Update 5.2 Giveaway (30 day sub & taun faun pets)


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