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Jason and Mox were quite busy this past week with everything surrounding Update 5.4: Crisis on Umbara hitting live servers. This week also had some unique opportunities, first being able to play the new flashpoint with SWTOR Community Manager Eric Musco and secondly getting to interview him during the live show. Before we go into the episode, special thanks to everyone who submitted questions to ask Eric and also Jessie aka The Stardust Legacy for the heals during the flashpoint and the amazing video from that run.

Let’s make the Jump into the show…







This week Mox added not one, not two, but three poll questions. These were from the Mox Wall of Crazy about some user interface changes to improve quality of life for players. Be sure to click on each poll and make your opinions known.

  1. Character Screen Filter
  2. Display Crew Skills on Character Select
  3. Selectable Heroics in CXP


This week our traditional format was changed to maximize the amount of time we had to talk with and ask Eric questions regarding SWTOR. Below are also some questions he answered for us in written form. Thanks and enjoy the interview!


Community Buzz

Interview with SWTOR Community Manager Eric Musco

Bonus answers from Musco:

What are the influencers? To us you guys are consistent content creators who have your own community of followers. In the most general of terms.

What is expected? For the influencer program… simply that all continue to make the great content that you are currently making. (also the other rules that apply, don’t be super vulgar, break ToS, etc.)

How can you guys be used by us? I mean, that is a staple of the influencer  program. We help support the content you make and promote you where possible. It helps in growing your communities and your reach. This is great for us as there is more community activity and content available for people.

How many credits were spent during Nar Shadda Night Life? A lot, I don’t have specifics (it would take me time to see if I can get that data / share it but lemme look into it)

How will server merges affect RP? Like a lot of the other concerns that were brought up, IF we were to do that, this is one of the many concerns we would work towards having an answer to.


Quick Mentions

  • Bad Feeling Podcast having a livestream with Eric, Charles and Keith. Go to their Twitch channel, 8pm EST / 5pm PST

Congratulations to all our prize winners during the live show!


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