Nov 152017

Jason and Mox were in the studio this past weekend discussing the latest news in SWTOR. The guys are happy to welcome Alise. Her being on the show has nothing to do with Mox and Jason fearing to getting kicked from the guild, Just kidding, Alise joined them for the discussion about Loot Boxes in gaming. Let’s get into the episode, plus talking about the impact of the server mergers.

Time to make the Jump into the show…









Poll question: On average how much per month do you spend on loot crates?

  • $0
  • Under $10
  • Between $10 and $30
  • Between $30 and $50
  • Greater than $50

Treasure Chest — Image by © Doable/amanaimages/Corbis


Newsnet & Beyond

Did SWTOR blow up after server migration?

Issue that caused one of the delays

Legacy Bank Items not merging or missing

Player tip for settings:

Upcoming events & updates

Update 5.6 – Utility changes aka Nerf Mercs


Community Buzz

Loot boxes: Are they end all, be all for rewards ingame and/or funding games?

What are Loot Boxes/crates?


Pros & cons of Loot Boxes


What is it about these Loot crates that is so hated or upsetting?

Pay to Win


If money is the goal, what are some other ways developers/publishers can make a profit without utilizing Loot Boxes?

Sell items players want as direct sell items instead of gambling aspect

Raise the cost of games

Games as a service similar to Netflix


Quick Mentions

Rian Johnson is not directing for Ep IX, but a new SW Trilogy:

Star Wars Ep. VIII – 33 Days

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