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Jason and Mox were in the studio this past weekend discussing the latest news in SWTOR. The big topic the guys were talking about was the latest addition to SWTOR, Update 5.6: A Traitor Among the Chiss. They discussed the good, the buggy and some of the puzzling changes found in this update. Jason and Mox also take a longer look at the new Flashpoint and give their grade. Plus, they talk about getting ready for the new movie, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, coming out in about a week!

Time to make the Jump into the show…







Poll question: How long did the new FP take to run in solo mode?

  • 30 minutes – Amen for stealth!
  • 45 minutes – Who cares about achievements
  • 1 hour – A bit long but doable
  • Over 1 hour – Wow, Copero is beautiful. I love this new Stronghold

Newsnet & Beyond

Update 5.6 details

New FP on the Chiss homeworld of Copero

Activity Window. Is this the Group Finder we are looking for?

Transfers are back ingame and at a reduced rate until 12/12

Exploits and Bugs

Fleet vendor issue


Link from Vulkk for knowing what companions like as gifts
Companion likes


Community Buzz

New FP from a game mechanic POV – Macrobinoculars, puzzles, unique boss fights

Is the new FP Activity Window friendly?

What is the feel of the FP: Does it play more like a single player chapter, but with FP health pools?

Dev Update on the flashpoint on Copero:

Hey folks,
We hear you about the health levels and mobs inside of Copero. We are making some changes with 5.6.1 next week to bring it more in line with the difficulty / time you experienced with Umbara. Here are the current patch notes for these changes in 5.6.1 (still subject to change, check on Monday for the final).

Bosses have had their health significantly reduced in both Story and Solo Mode.

The damage done by bosses has been reduced in both Story and Solo Mode.

Bosses have had their health slightly reduced in both Veteran and Master Mode.

The number of enemies has been reduced throughout the Flashpoint.

The Guardian Droid will no longer instant cast their Mortar Volley ability.

The Copero Security Droid will no longer instant cast their Seeker Missile ability.

Thanks everyone.


Quick Mentions

What will be your prep for SW The Last Jedi?

Have you chose to spoil or not to spoil?

What are you most excited to see or learn from the movie?

Star Wars Ep. VIII – 12 Days (when recorded)


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