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Corellian Run Radio joined the Star Wars: The Old Republic podcasting community in July 2010.  Hosts Jason, Mox, and Rav keep things lively with their divergent points of views and wry humor.  We highlight the news associate with events, patches, developer notes and press releases. As hosts we love to talk about our personal experiences playing SWTOR and having fun talking about the game we really enjoy. The website also believes in highlighting those in the SWTOR community.


Jason Taylor
My gaming started on the family Commodore Vic 20 and 64. The first game I started playing, after Space Invaders, was a text based adventure game called Zork. I love role-playing games, from tabletop games to modern single-player & MMOs. My life changed after an injury in December, 1996. I am in a wheelchair and have limited function in my arms and wrists, but no finger movement. It’s because of my injury I am pursuing a degree in game design and have the time to write for a Star Wars fansite (which has my geek fandom meter shooting way past 10 on the scale). There may be setbacks, but that’s life. I thank God and my family for helping me keep a positive attitude.


profile_pic_versionJim DeLizzio aka Moxys
Moxys is a veteran of computer games going back to Tunnels of Doom on a Ti-994a. He’s a fan of both pen and paper RPGs and MMOs. An Imperial at heart he’s always ready to give Jason a hard time while looking to conquer the galaxy. He is one of the guild leaders of Unholy Alliance and Wookiee Mistake on the Harbinger server and enjoys operations.


pretty little sith - HeatherHeather
Heather, AKA Dianah on the Harbinger PVE server, raids with her guild Despair as a Sith Assassin. While fairly new to MMO gaming starting a few months after SWTOR’s launch, she is definitely not a noob! Her other favorite games include Pokemon, The Sims, Skyrim, Yoshi’s Island and Donkey Kong Country: Diddy’s Kong Quest for the SNES. When she’s not gaming, she enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants, reading, watching her favorite TV shows, and writing for her personal gaming and SWTOR blog, PrettyLittleSith.com.  She also loves attending SWTOR Community Cantinas, so you may see her at an upcoming event!

Heather lives in Southern Nevada and has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.




A former guild leader in World of Warcraft for nearly five years before passing the helm and starting a new adventure with The Old Timers Guild.   She started her online gaming career with Diablo and quickly moved to Ultima Online when it came out.  Through the years, she has been lucky enough to get in beta testing for many other games, such as  EverQuest, Asheron’s Call, Anarchy Online, Lineage, Star Wars Galaxies, EverQuest2, Lord of the Rings Online, Warhammer Online, and many more.   Carla and her husband live near Houston, Texas.




Joe bio1Joe
My gaming experience started back in the days of PlayStation One. Through this console I enjoyed many games such as the original Phantom Menace game and Sim City 2000. I started playing MMO’s during the final months of Star Wars Galaxies before moving into SWTOR. i am currently playing on the EU PVP server Tomb of Freedon Nadd on a Sniper called Aleura. I enjoy raiding with my guild and PVP nights with friends. Other games include Sims 3, Saints Row and Mass Effect. I also write on a gaming review Blog called gadgetsandkhajiits.blogspot.co.uk.

Joe is from England and is currently studying for his GCSE’S.


With many diversified interests, Maer lists gaming as one of her favorites.  Since The Legend of Zelda, she has loved gaming and went from that to the Baldur’s Gate series.  She played World of Warcraft for five years before moving to SWTOR when it launched.  She’s very happy with the switch.  Maer makes her home in Southern Nevada. Her first novel, Relics, an Urban Fantasy, will be released by Crescent Moon Press on May 1, 2013. She’s finished the second book in the series, THE THULUKAN CHRONICLES, and is working on the third. Maer has also written several short stories and maintains a blog.  She is one of the producers and co-hosts of the literary podcast, MythBehaving. She is adjunct faculty at a local college and is the proud pet parent of a long-coat chihuahua and a miniature poodle.  You can find excerpts of Maer’s fiction at Maer Wilson.   Feel free to follow her on Twitter and Facebook.  You can find those links on her website.



Kathy (Now employed by BioWare)
Kathy grew up playing video games, starting with the always mesmerizing Pong (“Whoa! Look at those graphics!”). She loved the early first-person shooters and then moved onto her first online game with Diablo 2. She is notorious for starting games and never finishing them, which is why World of Warcraft was the perfect game for her since it never ends. During the summers, Kathy’s gaming time drops precipitously when she works for a youth theater company as musical director and pianist. She and her husband live in the Washington, D.C. area.



Roxanne has been a gamer since she was four, when her parents got her a Sega console for Christmas because they wanted one. She loves the development side of the gaming industry and considers the Extra Credits team to be her personal heroes. She hopes to work for a gaming company some day, but until then she does 3-D modeling work for a consulting firm in New Jersey. Roxanne is Kathy’s daughter.

Corellian Run is a major hyperspace trade route starting from the massive city-planet of Coruscant and stretching to the Outer Rim.


Deidre has been writing for the web since 2003. Generally speaking she’ll write about her latest gaming obsession, which is currently Star Wars: The Old Republic. In addition to Corellian Run Radio, her work can be seen over at TORWars.com, where she wears far too many hats, including serving as the executive editor and public relations czar.

Deirdre currently has a bounty hunter as her main character. The concept of a “main” is pretty questionable when it comes to Deirdre, as she is also leveling about three dozen alts across seventeen different servers. When she’s not obsessing about SWTOR, she can often be found obsessing about Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, or the upcoming Mass Effect 3.

Drew aka Geldarion
Drew is the PvP writer for Corellian Run, a Gunslinger, a Diet Dr. Pepper junkie, and a grad student in computational chemistry. He enjoys spending time with his wife, studying exact quantum dynamics, and playing guitar, and occasionally, he plays a game called Star Wars: The Old Republic. Nothing piques Drew’s interest more than a good puzzle, and he sees gaming and science both as things to learn everything about and to perfect. Due to his Texas homegrown upbringing, he is an odd hybrid. He tries to simultaneously stomp enemy players’ faces into the ground while maintaining a sense of honor, respect, and chivalry. Drew runs his own blog at TheFanaticalSwordsman.wordpress.com and also writes the Smuggler Weekly Column for TORWars.com. He can be tweeted endlessly @Geldarion.


ghozttJohn Yim aka Ghoztt
The Atari 2600 is where John first started gaming and that passion has continued throughout his entire life. Originally a first person shooter fan who cut his teeth on the original Wolfenstein 3D game, he finally made the switch to the MMO genre after giving up Counterstrike to start playing City of Heroes. From there he moved on to the World of Warcraft where he acted as GM and raid lead throughout the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. He is now currently an operations leader for a large guild on the Jedi Covenant server. Empire side, of course.

John lives in Houston, Tx with his wife and two children where he works for a major oil company as IT analyst. His hobby aside from gaming is racing cars where his racing suit has Imperial emblems on the shoulders and his helmet is painted like a tie fighter pilot’s!


Timothy De Block
An avid gamer and baseball nerd, Tim’s enthusiasm for both subjects has led him to writing about both. His Sistine Chapel would be creating a Star Wars themed baseball story or a baseball themed Star Wars movie. When he’s not questing on his Imperial Agent or pvping on his Trooper he’s either watching Big Bang Theory or playing choo choo trains with his daughter. He currently attends the University of South Carolina (Go Gamecocks!) working towards a Media Arts degree, while working full time. It all started with Donkey Kong.



Johnny Dee
Johnny is a long time gamer who cut his teeth on Megaman and the original Ninja Gaiden for the NES.  He started his love for mmos like many others, with a level 1 gnome mage killing troggs in Dun Morogh.  He has dabbled in many other mmos since then including: Rift, Warhammer Online, Dungeons and Dragons online, but finds The Old Republic to be the cream of the crop right now.  When away from his computer he can be found cheering on his New York Giants or playing one of his favorite tabletop games.  He recently graduated with a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and would love a job if anyone has one for him ;).



mysenMysen aka “M1SF0RTUNE”
M1SF0RTUNE (an old gaming name from the early Counter-Strike: Source days) has spent the last 16 years playing hundreds of games, mostly shooters and RPG’s, though he tends to dabble in every genre including RTS, TPS, Platforming, Action-Adventure, Survival Horror, Racing games, and just about anything other than Sports games. He joined the MMO-verse with Star Wars Galaxies, which is where he started roleplaying (as well as in Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy where there was an avid RP community). He was in SWTOR’s beta for over a year, playing build after build after build as a Sentinel. He got into the full game itself a month after launch. His dream one day is to become a great writer, looking to write for the video game industry one day, maybe with Bioware or Valve if he makes it that far, or his own company if he makes it even further. He’s dabbled in writing numerous things, from fanfiction, a game guide, loads of blogs, and even all his roleplaying sort of counts as writing practice. Here at Corellian Run represents his first jab at writing public articles. He can be found playing his Jedi Sentinel on the Begeren Colony Server, Nomund’dras, and his main Empire toon is his Operative Mathys on the same server.

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