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Dec 202012


HoloNet Links #77

swtor happy-new-yearHappy One year Anniversary SWTOR! Yes, today, Dec. 20th, is the official anniversary for the game. Oh what a year it has been. From the early days of players wandering around the starter planets trying to find those elusive datacrons, to attempting the harder challenges like the Explosive Conflict Operation on Nightmare mode, or to dominating the Ancient Hypergate warzone. Even as we look back over the past, we have gotten a glimpse of things to come in the upcoming year with the expansion titled Rise of the Hutt Cartel coming in 2013.

SWTOR anniversary montage, dev notes & more after the Jump…

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Dec 172012

Community Checkpoint title box

Highlighted Guild

  • Galactic Fifth Column – Galactic Republic

As we find ourselves three days from the official anniversary of the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic, we talk to a guild that has been around since pre-launch. The guild the Galactic Fifth Column is in today’s spotlight on Community Checkpoint. Now saying the guild has been around since pre-launch is pretty impressive, but add to that, this is the first guild leadership position the guild leader has ever had. To top it all off, what makes it the most impressive is the fact this guild leader is a teenager. I find this downright amazing. Not for any one of those elements but the combination and the fact most guilds’ lifespan tend to be pretty short lived as a guild or in a specific guild. Without further ado let’s learn more about the role-playing guild the Galactic Fifth Column.

More about the Galactic Fifth Column from their guild leader after the Jump…

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Dec 132012


HoloNet Links #76

As we told you last week, BioWare is giving away free fireworks to qualified accounts as part of the 1st Anniversary celebration coming the 20th of this month. We also mentioned how BioWare was looking for your anniversary screenshots. We now have the official information on where and how to submit your screenshots to potentially be used on the official SWTOR website or their Facebook page.

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Dec 102012

Highlighted Community member

  • Glen Briker – Legos Cuusoo project organizer

This week we are putting the spotlight on a community member who is organizing a project for a potential Lego future building set. This particular Lego project has to do with the SWTOR spacecraft, the Corellian Defender. The steps for getting projects or ideas made into actual building sets has to first go through the Legos Cuusoo process. On this article, I called in a couple junior writers and proficient Lego builders…two of my nephews. They helped  with the questions. Let’s get ready to find out more about the Corellian Defender project and also the guy responsible for it, as well as being our guest for this week’s Community Checkpoint.

How Glen got into Legos, how you can help his Cuusoo project & more after the Jump…

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Dec 062012

HoloNet Links #75

Today marks two weeks till the one year anniversary of Star Wars: The Old Republic going live. BioWare has already announced that there are new Cartel Packs to be released soon, but to mark the anniversary they are giving away free fireworks. According to the news article on the official website, all players with a valid account by December 10th, 2012 at 11:59pm CST will be eligible to get 25 stacks of faction-based fireworks in their in-game mail on December 11th, 2012.

More on 1yr fireworks, feedback wanted & more after the Jump…

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