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Joe Foran

Dec 212012


Recently on torwars.com, SWTOR’s Jeff Hickman said that there have been “unfair and somewhat misinformed negative discussions” recently regarding the game. Pulling out that old chestnut is best compared to PR Suicide –  It’s insulting to the community to call them misinformed and it’s insulting to say that their issues with the game are unfair. But what’s more, I call bollocks. There is nothing unfair or negative about the community calling out a series of blunders for what they are: Pay-to-Win creeping into the game and broken promises. Intentional? Maybe not. Real? Yes, very.

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Dec 182012


Watch the Senate tower for the signal… “One if by land, two if by space.”

Yes that’s right, in an early-morning Tweeted announcement, BioWare has pulled back the curtain to reveal that Star Wars: The Old Republic is getting its first expansion pack… Rise of the Hutt Cartel.  This much has been announced so far:

More after the jump…

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Nov 262012

Patch 1.6 has been up on the Public Test Server for nearly a week, and so far, it’s full of excellence for the end-game experience. First, PVE gets parity with PVP with the 99 Tionese commendations being handed out in a mission, ala the Recruit / Recruit Mk2 mission. Second, there’s a new Warzone to match the launch of Operation:Asation (aka Terror from Beyond). Third, a new tier of PVP gear is being launched to match the new-ish PVE gear, the Dread Guard set. There’s also this space thing, but I know nothing of it, since I don’t do space missions enough to grind up to heroic space mission capabilities. Continue reading »

Nov 112012

Star Wars: the Old Republic, I love you. You let me play a video game where I can swing a lightsaber and throw down purple lightning. You let me do this in either a solo, “me and my NPC companions against the universe” way or in a group with friends and strangers. For this I am eminently grateful. As we all know, this heap of adoration is the softening of the harsh words I’m going to have next.

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Sep 282012

It seems that the Black Hole commendations dropped by bosses in Story Mode operations have been sucked into some powerful vortex from which nothing can escape, not even light. While not revealed in the initial patch notes, it was soon discovered that the bosses in Story Mode Explosive Conflict were not dropping Black Hole commendations any more. BioWare Senior Support Coordinator Allyson Berryman quickly chimed in, promising to look into whether the issue was caused by a bug or if it was an intentional design change. She quickly responded back to the community, indicating that it was indeed an intentional change:

“I do have an update on this issue. This change was intentional, and we’ll be adding it to the patch notes. Bosses in Story Mode Operations no longer drop Black Hole Commendations in Game Update 1.4. Thanks to everyone who brought this up, and we apologize for the confusion over it.”

This includes Terror from Beyond’s Story Mode. As of 9/28/12, the patch notes have been updated to indicate the removal of Black Hole commendations.


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