Nov 112011

Game Director James Ohlen answered a host of questions during a Q&A session at the Fansite Summit at BioWare Austin. Here’s a breakdown of what was discussed:


  • Guild banks is the #1 asked-for feature concerning guilds. It will be the first thing they work on post-launch.
  • No guild events calendar feature in game at launch. High priority.
  • Guilds will be brought into testing to test endgame.
  • No in-game mechanics for guild adversaries and allies to interact.
  • There is talk of integrating the guild webpage features into the game, but can’t discuss.

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Nov 112011

The Unpodcast! Photo by David Moore from TORWars

TORWars invited Kathy and Carla to participate in their Unpodcast at the Fansite Summit earlier this week. Also attending were Lethality from Ask A Jedi and Jaro from Fragworld. We were still stoked about the open-world PvP reveals on Ilum and that’s pretty much all we talked about. Oh, that and launch legs.

Head on over to TORWars to listen to the full unpodcast.

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Nov 102011

This is the second part of our write up on Gabe Amatangelo’s presentation at the Fansite Summit 2. During the one-hour session Gabe walked us through the open-world PvP zone of Ilum, the Voidstar warzone, and then answered questions from the fansites. Read the first part on Ilum here.

The Voidstar

Gabe narrated a live demo of a single player making his way through the Voidstar, one of the three warzones that will be in-game at launch.

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Nov 092011

At the Fansite Summit Gabe Amatangelo gave us an extensive look at open-world PvP on Ilum. He narrated a live demo of a lone player working his way through the zone from one control point to the next. What follows is an overview of what we learned from the demo and the Q&A session that followed. Keep in mind that SWTOR is still in testing and certain details may change.

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Nov 052011

But mostly, this is quite boring to the average SWTOR fan.

We make bets about early game access. We try to avoid talk about the dramacast. We debate movie-watching commitments.

FACT OR FICTION: Can you pick out the confirmed fact from the tall tales? This week’s challenge concerns cover, guild pre-launch, the pre-order offer code.

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