Combat Videos


BioWare has released several videos discussing game combat.  Check them out here:


Video Documentary #4: Combat

Part of a series of BioWare video documentaries, this fourth part focuses on combat.  Highlights: heroic combat, choreographed fight moves.


G4 Interview with Dallas Dickinson at E3

Morgan Webb interviews Dallas Dickinson about SWTOR.  Highlights: general overview of game, Dickinson talks viewers through multiplayer combat video.  First time glimpse of range tanking.


E3 Multiplayer Demo Trailer

Dallas Dickinson narrates this BioWare-produced trailer, showing a Jedi Consular, Smuggler,  Jedi Knight, and Trooper in battle.  Points of interest:  accepting group quests, NPC Voice Over, fly text, use of Force abilities, Smuggler using Cover ability, Jedi Consular playing main healer and dps-ing adds, Smuggler as off-healer, Jedi Knight off-tanking adds, Trooper tanking main boss.

Darth Hater Dissection here.
Forum User dissection here.

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