Allegiances & Factions



For more than 21,000 years the Galactic Republic a loose alliance of planets, has stood as the most advanced civilization in the galaxy.  The Jedi Order provided protection for all the planets to ensure continued peace.  The Republic’s most dangerous enemy, the Sith Empire, suffered a terrible defeat during the Great Hyperspace War, but rose to attack the Republic once again 1300 years later.  The Great Galactic War raged between the Republic and the Sith Empire for twenty-eight years until the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant.  The treaty forced the Republic to give up many outlying planet systems to the Empire, but some Republic forces continued to oppose Sith domination.  Conflict between opposing forces across the galaxy continues to escalate, making it only a matter of time before the unstable accord ends and all-out battle begins.

The Galactic Republic

The Sith Empire



Dozens of smaller coalitions operate throughout the galaxy.  Some align themselves with the Republic or the Sith Empire, while others prefer to remain neutral.  Still, in order to conduct business, consolidate political power, and maintain their lifestyles, many have learned that there is strength in numbers and have banded together to form factions.  Crime syndicates, pirate federations, protectors of the peace – these factions have set goals and have risen to political prominence in pursuit of these goals.

The Jedi Order

The Sith Lords

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