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Playable planets, announced by BioWare:


Alderaan seceded from the Republic when the crown prince refused to sign the Treaty of Coruscant.  Shortly after, he was assassinated, leaving no one to succeed him.  After the queen’s death, a forgotten noble house gained Imperial backing and now seeks to wrest control from the House of Organa.

Official page on Alderaan

Originally colonized by the Republic, Balmorra became renowned for its manufacturing of high-tech weaponry and battle droids.  This planet is now under Sith control, but the Republic has started sending resistance forces back to help the Balmorrans fight Sith rule.

Official page on Balmorra

Thought to be an unremarkable planet until an ancient prison built by the Rakata was discovered.  The Republic worked feverishly to maintain the failing stasis fields in order to keep the terrifying-looking prisoners from escaping.  Now that the Republic uses the prison – dubbed “The Tomb” – to hold Sith and Mandalorians, the Empire has started sending strike teams to free the occupants.

Official page on Belsavis

One of the major hubs on on the Corellian Run trade route, Corellia is a thriving business center, as well as a planet where political and military leaders are made.

Official page on Corellia

An enormous city planet, the center of politics for the Republic.  Coruscant will be a central quest hub for all players, regardless of faction.

Official page on Coruscant

BioWare videos, “Coruscant Revealed” and “The Making of Coruscant”

Following a terrible defeat in the Great Hyperspace War, the Sith escaped to this remote jungle planet.  A thousand years later, the Empire has recaptured its former might. Dromund Kaas is the seat of power for the Emperor and his Dark Council.

Official page on Dromund Kaas

A frozen remote planet, littered with spaceship wreckage from The Great Galactic War.  A pirate confederation started salvage operations and successfully built an armada from the debris.  Such activity caught the attention of both the Republic and the Empire and now Hoth is the site of many skirmishes as both sides try to reclaim their abandoned ships.

Official page on Hoth

Starting planet for the Bounty Hunter.  A dangerous, disgusting world polluted by the gluttonous pursuit of wealth by the Hutts.  Powerful Hutt crime lord families compete with each other across the galaxy, but have not taken sides in the conflict between the Republic and the Empire.

Official page on Hutta

A dark, icy world filled with Republic enclaves, Ilum is a favorite destination of Jedi in search of Adegan crystals for their lightsabers.  The Sith recently discovered this planet and have begun attacking the Republic encampments.

Official page on Ilum

Starting planet for the Sith Warrior.  Homeland of the Sith, an inhospitable dusty red planet.  Korriban is the site of the Sith Academy, where a new generation of Sith train to take their rightful place as rulers of the galaxy.

Official page on Korriban

This moon is an opulent playground of indulgence and corruption run by the Hutta Cartel.  Nar Shaddaa is a nightscape of floating buildings and searchlights, beckoning the wealthiest to enjoy its pleasures.  It is also home to some of the most dangerous and crime-ridden areas known in the galaxy.  Battle for control of this moon wages on between the Hutta Cartel and the Exchange syndicate.

Official page on Nar Shaddaa

Starting planet for the Trooper and Smuggler.  A haven for smugglers, bounty hunters, and other lawless groups.  Ord Mantell is controlled by crime syndicates.  After the Treaty of Coruscant, Ord Mantell officially stayed loyal to the Republic, but a strong separatist movement has launched many attacks, causing the corrupt local government  to become unstable.

Official page on Ord Mantell


This planet was abandoned because of its high toxicity, but when scientists realized that the poisonous chemicals in the environment could be used to make potent adrenals, the Republic returned and established adrenal production plants.  The Empire has discovered this highly-lucrative industry and now fights to claim the resource as its own.

Official page on Quesh


A swampy planet still in post-apocalyptic ruins following a Sith invasion three hundred years ago.  Republic efforts to re-colonize the planet are thwarted by Sith interference as well as roving bands of diseased rakghouls, horrible creatures born of Sith alchemy.

Official page on Taris

BioWare video, “Returning to Taris”

A desert planet filled with small lawless communities of smugglers and pirates.  The Imperial military have secretly established themselves on Tatooine to explore the Secret Weapons complex abandoned by the Czerka Corporation.

Official page on Tatooine

Site of the first research of the mysteries of the Force.  Conflict between those who favored dark and light sides led to The Force Wars, which nearly destroyed the planet.  After their Jedi training academy was destroyed in the Sacking of Coruscant, the Jedi Council rebuilt the Temple on Tython.

Official page on Tython

BioWare video, “The Making of Tython”


A little-known planet discovered after the Treaty of Coruscant, home to the Gormak and the Voss.  The tribal Gormak are an extremely hostile species known for their ability to construct weapons and machinery out of scavenged materials.  They are the sworn enemies of the VossVoss Mystics are powerful Force users and rely on their infallibly accurate visions to keep one step ahead of their enemies.

Official page on Voss

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