Oct 112013

By Geldarion


Welcome to the war, comrades. You have been selected to receive the latest training and tactics fresh from the warfront. The tried-and-true strategies you are about to hear are extremely effective and CLASSIFIED. Let’s get to the briefing. Today, we discuss some higher-level strategies for Arenas.

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Aug 152013


HoloNet Links #109

community_cantinaI’m back! It was a great time in Chicago taking in Comic-Con and also going to the SWTOR Community Cantina! Yes, yours truly got to attend the Community Cantina at Chicago. Although, I was a bit late, due to traffic and a long wait in a parking garage…I made it to the event! It was a blast! There were several people there. Amber Green, Eric Musco and Jesse Sky were some of those in attendance. The place was pretty packed, but all of the BioWare employees were great with their time, listening to questions, concerns, and even exchanging fun stories.

Bounty Hunt event is Live, PVP details in 2.4 & more after the Jump…

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Jul 252013


HoloNet Links #106

gray secant - gree eventThe Gray Secant and the Gree Enclave are back! Yes, the Gree event is going on again on the planet Ilum. You say you’ve done the Gree event, why would I want to do it again? That is a fair question, however this time the event has been turned up to level 55 difficulty. Now, mind you I am by no means a good player, but as far as the PVE Gree daily quests, I had them down cold. So, when I logged in to go through the normal Gree daily run, I was a bit surprised to find my companion dying on me.

Gree Event details, Tauntaun Mounts, Arenas & more after the Jump…

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