Sep 242010

The Smuggler class got a lotta love this week with a bonanza of Smuggler-related updates, including the Machinima video that was released last week.  First up, the two Advanced Class specializations, Gunslinger and Scoundrel, have been added to the Holonet.  Next, BioWare suggests you might want to play a Twi’lek Smuggler, officially adding our brain-tailed friends to the list of playable species. Continue reading »

Sep 152010

HK-47 haz salutationz

The last convention of the season rolled through Seattle, WA over Labor Day Weekend.  Did we get a big reveal?  Mmmmm….kinda, sorta, maybe, depending on who you were talking to.

Fact or Fiction Can you pick out the confirmed fact from the tall tales?  This week’s host challenge concerns playable species, playable planets, and Maggot. Continue reading »

Sep 102010

This week’s Friday Update is a two-fer!  First, the  eleventh installment of Blood of the Empire.  Teneb Kel and Exal Kressh battle in the Sith Academy and Exal reveals why she betrayed the Emperor.  Read the current issue here.

Second, Corellia has been announced as the fifteenth playable planet.  One of the major hubs on on the Corellian Run trade route, Corellia is a thriving business center, as well as a planet where political and military leaders are made.  See the official page on the Holonet here.  Watch the fly-through video here.  Screenshots here.

Aug 312010

"Lightsabers at dawn, Mr. Wizard!"

It’s Harry Potter time!  Between the Advanced Classes announcement and all the Gamescom coverage, there was tons o’ TOR-related news out there.  We were almost defeated by the many, many interruptions that happened during the recording session (are monitors supposed to flash like lightning and then black out?  Does that dog have to keep barking?  Why is every one of these phone calls actually important?), but we persevered to bring you one of our most information-packed podcasts to date. Continue reading »

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