Apr 302011

CRR Gals with a Surprisingly Cheery-Looking Stephen Reid

This week Kathy, Carla, and Lethality from Ask A Jedi sit down to rehash their visit to BioWare Austin for the first ever Fan Site Summit.  We talk about what we took away from the Q & A sessions, our personal interviews, and especially how we feel about the game after playing several hours in the origin worlds and the early level Imperial flashpoint.

Check out these participating fansites for #SWTOUR coverage: Darth Hater, TOROCast, Mos Eisley Radio, Ask A Jedi, TOR-Talk, TORWars, TOR Syndicate, Gamona, InGame, SWTOR.EU, Fureur, SWTOR Life, SWTOR UK, SWTOR-FR. Continue reading »

Mar 042011

We got a TOR smorgasbord of news for this week’s update.  Surely, no one will be able to complain about this update!

Yesterday we got the Bounty Hunter class video and IGN interview.  Today BioWare followed up with more details about this Empire class:


New Companion
Mako is an orphaned childhood prodigy computer hacking expert from Nar Shaddaa.  Read her Holonet entry here.


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Mar 032011


IGN posted a new class video from BioWare.  Bounty Hunter fans, prepare to fall in love with your class all over again because this mofo has jetpacks, flamethrowers, ice rays, and a bone-crunching kick that sends his opponents falling to their doom.

“The only law in this galaxy,” he intones,  “is the one a man makes for himself.”  ‘Nuff said.  Watch the video at IGN here. Continue reading »

Aug 312010

"Lightsabers at dawn, Mr. Wizard!"

It’s Harry Potter time!  Between the Advanced Classes announcement and all the Gamescom coverage, there was tons o’ TOR-related news out there.  We were almost defeated by the many, many interruptions that happened during the recording session (are monitors supposed to flash like lightning and then black out?  Does that dog have to keep barking?  Why is every one of these phone calls actually important?), but we persevered to bring you one of our most information-packed podcasts to date. Continue reading »

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