Jan 112017

Join Jason, Mox and Ravanel as they share their experiences in SWTOR. This week they are joined by SWTOR blogger and commando enthusiast Shintar. CRR discusses the latest news and the social implications of the galactic command system, and comes with an official response from BioWare regarding the Fractured exploit.

Quit that Fractured pug as your hosts deal out the info in this week’s podcast…

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Jun 062013


HoloNet Links #99

Archon Contraband packWe are less than a week away from Game Update 2.2. It releases on June 11th and will feature the new Nightmare mode for Terror From Beyond Operation, New Guild Bonuses, and one Fleet channel for each faction etc. If you received an email from BioWare about upcoming new items and new rewards, you might have noticed there will be new pack, Archon’s Contraband Pack, added to the Cartel Market June 11th. It has some interesting looking items, including what looks like a Huttball inspired armor set.

Character Transfer Details, Cross-server que answer & more after the Jump…

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May 232013


HoloNet Links #97

grey secant - gree eventThe Gray Secant is back! This means the Gree and their sponsored event on Ilum, along with Gree Reputation vendors. Some have voiced displeasure for the return of this event, and I can understand wanting new events, etc. However, in my opinion it is fairly easy missions, plenty of credits, not to mention the ability to raise your reputation, and another way get some daily commendations. We also have got our first piece of news about “planned” service coming in Update 2.2!

Info on 2.2, Richie Branson new album, dev notes & more after the Jump…

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Jul 312012

Our Writers’ Roundtable is a lively discussion of the latest happenings by some of the writers here at Corellian Run Radio.   This is a format that we try with one episode each month.   We hope you enjoy it!



This segment we talk about recent CRR articles, Character Transfer Rewards,  Free Trial, Friend Referral, BioWare Layoffs,  and more.  We have 4 of our current writers, Jason, Maer,  John, and Drew, joining Carla to discuss these hot topics.   This is an action packed episode you won’t want to miss!

Jun 212012

HoloNet Links #51

This past week in SWTOR has revolved around a few topics, Character/Server Transfers, Ranked Warzones & the possibility of SWTOR moving to a Free-2-Play model. Most of the news on the transfers has been very positive. The move itself was fast for players, even guilds…with a little coordination between members, without major issues. The main problem came with character names and Legacy names. Some had to change their names and Legacy names, upon arriving at the destination server.

More on Transfers, Ranked Warzones & will SWTOR last till 2022? All after the Jump…

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