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Aug 172012

By Ghoztt

What does crafting have to do with operations?  You’d be surprised!  Some of the best gear available in the game is actually craftable, and not just by the highest progression operation groups.  This can help you min-max your gear to find the best load out possible.  All you need are Black Hole Commendations which are very easy to get nowadays.  The daily and weekly quests offer a great way for even the most casual players to be able to do this high end crafting.  It’s not a bad way to earn a few credits either. Continue reading »

Jul 102012


Photo-Receptor Focus on: TOR Crafting

By Maer

I’ve always loved crafting. When TOR first came out, there was a lot I liked about the system while I was leveling. However, I lost interest once I maxed out all three of my Sorc’s skills: Archeology, Artificing and Treasure Hunting. Now, I’m getting to level Cybertech, Scavenging and Underworld Trading on my Sith Marauder. The enjoyment I usually have for crafting is not only back, it’s stronger than it ever was on the Sorc.

More after the jump…

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Jun 292012

By Daragg
Intro by Ghoztt

With patch 1.3 released, we now have the ability to add an augment slot to all 14 pieces of gear.  In most cases, this is an increase of 252 to your main stat and 168 additional endurance.  This is huge!  I began to do the legwork on researching what it takes to make the augment slots but fortunately a guild-mate of mine already did most of it.  He wrote up a nice piece for those who were still unsure about what you will need in order to make these augments.  Hope you enjoy it! – Ghoztt, the shameless collaborator.

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Dec 062011

image via mmogamerchick

Today, we get some clarification on mods, how they work, what equipment they can go on, and explain the changes to the color system for gear in The Old Republic, as the game is now. Associate Lead Designer, Emmanuel Lusinchi explains more in this forum post. Today’s information is very important for the crafters and everyone looking to keep that Tusken Raider suit or slave bikini outfit modded out for Operations.


More about the modding changes and reasoning after the Jump…
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Aug 202011

While most of us were asleep dreaming of Beta invites or maybe a Guild invite,…in my case up searching the net. Meanwhile, somewhere in a secret facility, an employee at Bioware was a busy filling in some more on the crafting web page.

More in details on crafting information after the Jump…

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