Dec 032010

The people have spoken and they have chosen Herbal Jedi Consular over Fantasia Mickey Jedi Consular!  In a runaway victory, with over 15,000 votes, Jedi Sage beat Jedi Wizard (1,100 votes).  See final poll results here.  Read official Friday Update article here.

Crafters got look at a fourth Crafting specialization, Armstech, the art of making the ultimate blaster.  Continue reading »

Nov 302010

Sith or Jedi Test for Dogs

It’s been three weeks since our last podcast, so we’re still talking about how much we like the crafting system.  Also, some unpronounceable creatures make their debut on the Holonet.  Our Thanksgiving-themed Sith or Jedi yields some surprising results and we read our Top Ten “You Know You’re an MMO Gamer When…” entries.  Enjoy! Continue reading »

Nov 152010

Lead System Designer Damion Schubert shed some more light on the crew skill crafting system when he talked to the fans on the official forums.

Recap after the jump. Continue reading »

Nov 122010

We’ve been hearing stuff all week about the new crafting system — now BioWare has made it official by adding the Crew Skills System page under the Game Systems tab.  Bonus: a great video, “Crew Skills in Star Wars: The Old Republic,” which shows all kinds of companions we haven’t seen before, plus Dallas Dickinson confirms that players will be able to harvest their own mats if they really want to.  See the Skills System page and watch the video here.

Nov 112010

Lordhammer from Guild Umbra tipped us off  to Stephen Colfer’s Chronic Reload interview with Daniel Erickson about the difficulty of designing an MMO with complex, multiple storylines.  “Interactive, multi-thread storytelling…from a scripting perspective is the most complicated game development — on the game design side, I’m just going to say — in the industry.  Doing it as an MMO is just stupid,” Erickson joked.  He said one of the lead techs compared it to “trying to change out a motorcycle engine while you are going down the highway at fifty-five miles an hour.” Continue reading »

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