Oct 162011

David Bass, Stephen Reid

We got a chance to chat with David Bass, Senior Community Coordinator for Star Wars: The Old Republic, about New York Comic Con, lack of a dungeon finder, weekend testing, the NDA.

CRR: We’re at New York Comic Con. Is this your first time at NYCC?

David Bass: My first time, no. BioWare’s first time, yes.

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Oct 132011

SWTOR Booth, photo by Jeff Hollis

Roxanne and Kathy did not make it into the city for the first day of New York Comic Con, but Jeff Hollis from TORWars sent a few photos of the event for us. We thought you might enjoy this first glimpse of the convention which goes into high gear tomorrow.

On Friday SWTOR has two major events. The first is their main panel at 2:30 pm EDT. Stephen Reid told Newsarama that there will be no big reveals, but we should get some “nice visuals.” Later that evening at 6:30 pm EDT is a Q&A session hosted by MMORPG.com. SWTOR will have participants on that panel.

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Oct 132011

District 36

The official BioWare Meet & Greet kicked off the New York Comic Con weekend in style with a host of dedicated SWTOR fans making their way to District 36, a New York City nightclub in the garment district. We arrived about forty minutes early and by prior arrangement, totally reversed our earlier Sith or Jedi stance on line jumping by joining Jeff and Dierdre Hollis (TORWars) near the first third of the line.

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Sep 222011

HoloNet Links #12

Don't be allies with the Council...They are total n00bs

It was another eventful week with news for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Bioware giving us information on last Friday’s update about Combat Animation, and a Community Q&A with Gabe Amatangelo. Most of those questions focused on PVP, possible Tournament System, Dual Spec’ing and more. After scheduled maintenance at www.swtor.com, Guild Phase 2 was revealed. This is the time for guilds to start aligning with Allies and/or picking Adversaries. This seems like a nice step closer to launch, and on that happy thought, let’s get into the rest of this past week’s links – Dev notes, Star Wars & Gaming in Science, article links for CRR, Republic Trooper Fansite interview, Fan Fiction – Mandalorian Girl & much more…

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Sep 182011


When we were at PAX we asked a bunch of people to record bumpers for our podcast. Here’s a mash-up of all of them plus pictures. If it sounds familiar, it’s because we used this at the beginning of our most recent show. Enjoy!

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