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Jan 172013


HoloNet Links #80

News…News…News! After the holiday period, it seems things are getting back in full-swing. BioWare gave the community what it had been starving for, news. We have news about what we will see in Patch 1.7, BioWare’s solution to gear changes on the cartel Market and even the latest Companion 101 blog. Even before we dig into these news items, I want to say thank you BioWare, but please don’t stop. The community loves to hear about the direction you have planned for SWTOR.

More on Patch 1.7, BioWare’s Gear Solution & much after the Jump…

Continue reading »

Oct 042012

HoloNet Links #66

BioWare has started a new blog on their website, SWTOR Companions 101. Their first write up is on the lovely and deadly vixen Kaliyo Djannis. This is the first companion for the Imperial Agent. She is one tough lady, that has a knack for killing and in the next moment she is talking about some of her other many “exploits,” throughout the galaxy. She is a great mix danger and sass. Now the article on the official site does have some minor spoilers. To find out even more about this Rattataki vixen be sure to read the article and also check her out on the companions links. Did you enjoy Kaliyo as a companion? Let us know in the comment section below and also be sure to place your thoughts on the current thread discussion Kaliyo on the forums.

SWTOR Community Cantina Tour & more Links after the Jump…

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May 102012

HoloNet Links #45

It has been another crazy week, but one thing has improved the week…the Corellian Run Radio podcast is back! We have no confirmation on this, but I believe the Rakghoul Plague is to be blamed on getting to Carla’s hard drive. While we our speaking about podcasts, two former community podcasters – Eric Musco and Brooks Guthrie, have released the official Star Wars: The Old Republic podcast. Get ready as we prepare to make the Jump and check out this week’s links.

A look at SWTOR’s podcast, guide help from Trooper Commando & more after the Jump…

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Apr 052012

Um wrong fantasy...

HoloNet Links #40

James Ohlen wants to know your Star Wars fantasy. Okay, after all the slave-outfit Leia scenarios or even those fantasies about Han…what would you like to see in the game? Now mind you he is asking a specific question and wants you to vote in the forum poll.

Which Star Wars fantasy excites you the most?

Full 3D space battles, vehicle combat (AT-ATs), pod/speeder racing or capital ship battles?

More on the poll, & a Sith Inquisitor “style” Hoodie after the Jump… Continue reading »

Jan 262012

HoloNet Links #30

This week’s HoloNet Links starts off with a server event from “The Shadowlands” server. The Old Timers Guild has started its own “Clone Army.” The event was all thanks to lots of hard work by Cynn, a guildmate of mine. She got us all together and gave us each a name based on a modified Roman numeral numbering system. Cynn came up with character creation setups for all of us to use, to fully give us that “clone” look. The real fun was the event itself. The plan was not to do missions, but for us “clones” to march to Fort Garnik for a group photo. That was just the beginning! Can level 2s or 3s take down elite mobs or a level 8 champions?

More “Clones”, fan fiction from Dimbo & the best Star Wars remake?? after the Jump… Continue reading »

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