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Dec 172012

Community Checkpoint title box

Highlighted Guild

  • Galactic Fifth Column – Galactic Republic

As we find ourselves three days from the official anniversary of the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic, we talk to a guild that has been around since pre-launch. The guild the Galactic Fifth Column is in today’s spotlight on Community Checkpoint. Now saying the guild has been around since pre-launch is pretty impressive, but add to that, this is the first guild leadership position the guild leader has ever had. To top it all off, what makes it the most impressive is the fact this guild leader is a teenager. I find this downright amazing. Not for any one of those elements but the combination and the fact most guilds’ lifespan tend to be pretty short lived as a guild or in a specific guild. Without further ado let’s learn more about the role-playing guild the Galactic Fifth Column.

More about the Galactic Fifth Column from their guild leader after the Jump…

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Oct 012012

Highlighted guild

  • The Thirteenth Legion – Galactic Republic

Each week I get the opportunity to meet and interview guilds and other members of this community. It is amazing to see the amount of time, effort and dedication these people put into adding enjoyment to a game. However that is what people are willing to do when they find something they love to do and truly enjoy. This week’s Community Checkpoint puts the spotlight on a guild that demonstrates those attributes. The Thirteenth Legion is also a part of another community, that of the role-playing community. Their RP backstory for their guild, is what first got my attention…it deals with Star Wars and history, what’s not to love. This guild was gracious with their time to entertain my questions and share their enjoyment for this game and RP.

Time to get “into character” with the Thirteenth Legion after the Jump…

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Aug 132012

Highlighted Guild

  • Mireth Syndicate – Galactic Republic

Today is your lucky day for I come to you with an offer. It is information about a fellow enterprising organization…a guild if you will, that has a little something of a “colorful” background. This fine upstanding guild has been smeared by the very officials that have sought their help to break blockades, obtain weapons, and other various services. They’re just a guild trying to make a living. All that I ask, as you read, is you listen to how the Mireth Syndicate came to be, and please pay your respects as we meet their guild leader Niatara. It’s really an offer you can’t refuse.

More about the Mireth Syndicate & their “family” after the Jump… Continue reading »

Aug 062012

Highlighted Guild

  • Viper & Vysht Ventures – Sith Empire

Many gamers who venture into the MMO genre have participated in some aspects of role-playing. How far players go with their characters tends to differ. Those gamers, who relish creating, elaborate back-story for their characters and becoming that character while playing the game. This adds another element to gameplay some players either get or they fail to fully understand. SWTOR story element has made folks care about the choices their characters make, and that is role-playing. Today’s guild goes into great detail with their RP and hopes some more of you might just give it a try.

Let’s get In-Character(IC) & meet Viper & Vysht Ventures after the Jump…

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Jul 302012

Highlighted Group

  • Kal’Vyshde – RP Corporation

Today marks a new chapter in Guild Checkpoint, as it becomes Community Checkpoint. This article has and will continue to be the place to highlight guilds that make up our great community, but starting today we will be including those people and groups that are running, sponsoring and organizing events on servers throughout SWTOR. This week we look at a group I made mention of in HoloNet Links #55…the underground role-play corporation known as Kal’Vyshde. The group organizes events from raves to MMA style fights.

We learn more about Kal’Vyshde after the Jump…

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