Sep 092011

by Mark Pajor (follow @mpajor on Twitter)

Corellian Runners, we have quite an update today. In addition to the obligatory PAX Highlights video, Senior Writer Alexander Freed explains the goals and strengths of writing in the Star Wars universe. If Developer Dispatches aren’t your thing, we are now gifted with the Progression video for the Smuggler, whose groin-kicking feats of awesomeness shall be sung for millenia. Let’s start the update there, shall we?

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Jul 272011

A spoiler-lite look at the characters of two SWTOR novels
by Mark Pajor (@mpajor on Twitter)

Before these books, I had never read a Star Wars novel. Shared universes are always a bit iffy, to me. From the impressions of many of my friends, second-rate authors tend to write mediocre, clichéd novels in shared universes, depending on the popularity of the license to carry them. Since I want to be a writer for Bioware one day, though, I’ve decided I need to explore all of Bioware’s universes – or in TOR’s case, sections of universes – in order to have a full understanding of the lore.

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