Sep 262013


HoloNet Links #115

So far things have been pretty quiet, as far as news goes. Now, although there have not been any big announcements from BioWare, there are a few small tidbits of news, including one regarding a new change coming in Update 2.4, in regards to color dyes. Of course that is not all we have this week, I scanned through the forums, Youtube, etc and found some interesting content generated by the SWTOR community. October 1st will be here soon, but for now let’s get into this week’s HoloNet Links.

You can dye what now? SWTOR Fan art, fiction & videos after the Jump…

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Aug 292013


HoloNet Links #111

It is time for another edition of CRR’s HoloNet Links. There have been several interesting bits of news, regarding SWTOR, to come out since last Thursday’s article. We now know that Update 2.4 will be the conclusion to the Dread Masters story arc. We know the Baron Deathmark appreciates all of those crazy Huttball fans that showed him support over the years. Of course, some of the biggest news came in small thumbdrives during Gamescom at the Community Cantina in Germany.

Let’s dig deeper into these topics & more after the Jump…

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Nov 082012

HoloNet Links #71

This week HoloNet Links is taking time to look at folks in the SWTOR Community that have been using their gifts or creativity in positive ways. We will be looking at examples of fan fiction, user created videos and different forms of artwork found on the net and on the official forum. HoloNet Links is doing a little community appreciation by putting the spotlight on a few of these people and also letting those of you with similar talents know that there are places for you to post and share your work. We will also have plenty of links about SWTOR news, dev notes and of course a look back at the past week on Corellian Run Radio.

SWTOR Community Appreciation & much more after the Jump…

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Apr 192012

HoloNet Links #42

James Ohlen is again asking the SWTOR community for their input. This time it is on a feature many have wanted since launch…a Looking For Group (LFG) system. James had made it clear in his post, that this feature is something that they want to get finished and implemented into the game. His question is as follows:

What part of a Group Finder feature is most important to you? Is it forming a group for Operations, for Flashpoints, for Heroics, for something else – or do you have no preference?

Like his past questions the linked thread has a poll to vote on which option of a LFG feature do you feel is most important.

The LFG poll thread, SWTOR Community Spotlight & Jedi Ninjas after the Jump…

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Aug 122011

Got Friday Fan Art?

Image by Alliant

This Friday Bioware showcased some amazing fan art, new official wallpapers, fansite spotlighted and a couple of forum polls.

Speaking of forums can anyone tell me what this says?


More to follow after the Jump…

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