Oct 312013


leai and R2D2 halloween

Up for
Nightmare Pilgrim?

HoloNet Links #120

Welcome and a Happy Halloween to you all. Speaking of which, I know that “holidays” are not exactly done in SWTOR, but the community members can still create in-game fun, write fan fiction or make a video with a Halloween theme. Just off the top of my head, wouldn’t planning a trip to Voss and battling the Nightmare Pilgrim fit right in with the Halloween holiday? What do you and/or your guild have planned for this Halloween weekend? Let us know in the comment section.

 Let’s get into the links for this week right after the Jump…

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Sep 262013


HoloNet Links #115

So far things have been pretty quiet, as far as news goes. Now, although there have not been any big announcements from BioWare, there are a few small tidbits of news, including one regarding a new change coming in Update 2.4, in regards to color dyes. Of course that is not all we have this week, I scanned through the forums, Youtube, etc and found some interesting content generated by the SWTOR community. October 1st will be here soon, but for now let’s get into this week’s HoloNet Links.

You can dye what now? SWTOR Fan art, fiction & videos after the Jump…

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Sep 052013

 HoloNet Links title

HoloNet Links #112

Wow, September is here already! Time keeps flying by, and speaking of time…those of your seeking to possibly win a chance to be on MMORPG.com’s Twitch channel to help demo the Warzone Arenas, only have till September 8th, to submit your guild PVP team video from the PTS arenas! For more details on what steps your guild needs to take, and where the entries should be sent, please be sure to read the article, Warzone Arena Auditions.

 Update 2.3.2, Legacy perk changes, Armored Tauntauns & more after the Jump…

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Aug 012013


HoloNet Links #107

Star-Wars-SummerHappy August! Wow, it is so difficult to believe it is August already. However, now that it is here Update 2.3: Titans of Industry will be here in a matter of days and soon to follow the new recurring event, Bounty Contract Week! So, even though another month has passed by, there is a lot of SWTOR goodness coming very soon!

Class Reps announced, Fan Fiction & more after the Jump…

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Mar 072013


HoloNet Links #87

image via  swtorstrategies.com

Keeping an eye on Security
image via

SWTOR is making some changes to their security to help prevent accounts from being hijacked. Everyone will be required to sign-in to their account with their display name by April 2nd, 2013. This applies both to logging into the game and the SWTOR website. Phillip, who works for BioWare in security, has been answering players’ questions and concerns about this change in an ongoing thread on the SWTOR forums. I would urge you to read through the changes at the official post and then go read through Phillip’s posts. As a note, you can go ahead and start using your display name now to login to the game and SWTOR website.

New Community Cantina locations, dev notes, SWTOR fan fiction after the Jump…

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