Nov 032011

Yesterday we posted a transcript of a portion of Senior Community Coordinator David Bass’ interview on the Mos Eisley Radio podcast. This generated a good conversation in the Comments section which prompted David Bass himself to respond with the acknowledgement that it can be difficult for new fansites to find their way. He also talked about a virtual meeting with more fansites. When one commenter asked how BioWare supports the fansite community, David wrote:

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Nov 022011

There has been some discussion about what Senior Community Coordinator David Bass said on a recent Mos Eisley Radio podcast with regards to their plans to host a second Fan Site Summit next week. Some sites have claimed that David Bass dissed all the uninvited fansites by saying that they would die off after SWTOR launches. We thought it would be useful to post a transcript of the section under contention. The following section begins at 26:22 of the podcast.

David: This is actually more of a fansite meeting, I want to say, between us and the sites we’re bringing out because we want to kind of take a look at the post-launch landscape for fansites. One of the problems that a lot of communities have, a lot of MMO communities have, is that before launch there’s this huge excitement – I call it the honeymoon phase – it’s like when everyone’s really excited about the game and the game can do no wrong.

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May 052011

Principal Lead Combat Designer Georg Zoeller sat down with us to discuss the design philosophy behind the Advanced Class System, skill trees, and how one spec should at least get you through the entire leveling process.  We end with our Yes/No/Pass game, which Georg later calls some kind of Jedi Mind Trick.  Here are the main points from the interview:

  • When will we be seeing all the skill trees and Advanced Class roles? “I think you’ll see us becoming more detailed about these things pretty soon.” Continue reading »
May 052011

Gabe Amatangelo's Warzone Blows Everyone Away

Lead PvP Designer Gabe Amatangelo kicked off the Tuesday session with a short presentation on PvP in warzones.  Many features of SWTOR warzones focus on building community behavior through the proper placement of “carrots,” which entice players away from that all-for-me mentality, and nudges them toward a let’s-coordinate-and-beat-the-other-guys strategy.

Recap of Gabe’s presentation, our warzone experiences, and Q&A highlights after the jump. Continue reading »

May 032011

FanSite Summit Recap, Part 1 here.
FanSite Summit Recap, Part 2 here.

Body parts intact, Blaine and Daniel wrapped up the last few questions, and then it was time for lunch.  We wandered into the common area just outside the kitchen and saw long tables laden with Texas barbecue.  Nothing was labeled, but it was clearly meat, meat, more meat, and giant bottles of smoky barbecue sauce.  And white bread!  I was really excited to eat something I have studiously avoided for the past twenty-five years. Continue reading »

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