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Mar 072012

By Daniel Sperelli

Greetings my fellow gamers and Star Wars fans.  Welcome to another week of Force Lore!  While we celebrate the coming of Game Update 1.2, getting closer to release each and every day, we have to take a moment of silence for the departure of a dear friend to the Star Wars community, Ralph MacQuarrie.  The man that was responsible for designing Darth Vader, Chewbacca, and so many of the sets that brought the original trilogy to life will be missed.  Ralph was responsible for conceptual artwork on Battlestar Galactica and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial also.  Ralph passed on to become one with the Force on March 3, 2012, at the age of 82.  “May you live long and prosper, may you always find shade, and may the Force be with you, always.”  The Science Fiction world will miss you, Ralph.  Thank you for the lives you touched through your work.

The week is dedicated to Mr. MacQuarrie.  Without him, our beloved Star Wars Universe would look quite different.  While some of his conceptual work was changed to fit into the original trilogy, a lot of Ralph’s work would make it’s way into the Expanded Universe of Star Wars.  In Star Wars: The Old Republic, some of those conceptual designs can be seen, from the Sith Imperial Trooper design to the architecture of the Hutts.  Ralph’s vision of the space environments of Star Wars can be seen influencing the opening Flashpoint for the Republic, The Esseles.  So, strap in to your acceleration couch and let’s jump to this destination!
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Jul 292011


by Mark Pajor (follow @mpajor on twitter)


Developer walkthroughs. The videos that, above all the rest, make me feel like I’m almost playing the game. These are what keep my interest and anticipation at unprecedented levels for any game out there. Today’s Esseles walkthrough doesn’t disappoint, and it shows far more excitement in the interactive cinematics than any of its predecessors.

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Jan 282011

Gamespot released a one and a half minute trailer for Taral V, a four-man flashpoint, starting level thirty-two. This seamless fusion of cut scenes and combat footage along with the sweeping musical score gives the game a decided movie-like, AAA single-player game feel. Interesting note: Zabrak Jedi Knight!

The trailer is accompanied by an interview with World Designer Jesse Sky who talks about the basics of a flashpoint (approximately ninety minutes in length, four-man, repeatability). He ends the interview with a line that could come straight from a commercial for SWTOR: “Many of us play the game in our free time for as many hours as we work on it during the week. It’s very exciting. I have a difficult time pulling myself away to play other online games lately, and that speaks volumes.”

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