Jan 312014


HoloNet Links #131

JEJ Big BangMy normal Thursday involves watching the TV show, The Big Bang Theory. It is a fun comedy surrounding the lives of four highly educated, successful, comic book and sci-fi loving guys…geeks. They especially like Star Wars and last night’s show had none other than James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader. One of my favorite scenes was James Earl Jones and one of the main characters, Sheldon, going to prank ring a person’s house…which turned out to be Carries Fisher, better known to some of you as Princess Leia. If you get a chance, be sure to check out this behind the scenes video for last night’s show from CBS.com. In the words of James Earl Jones, “I like Star Wars too!”

Now, to the news in SWTOR, Livestream on the 31st & more after the Jump…

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Jan 282014

Kuat Driveyards FP1There has been speculation on the new Flashpoint coming in Update 2.6. Even players from the PTS had their doubts and questioned on how this new content would play out with it being role and level neutral for those level 15+ and loot drops from bosses. However, in a dev blog by Jesse Sky, Senior Designer at BioWare Austin, we have some of our questions answered, along with some welcomed and requested rewards/loot.

More on rewards & lore behind Kuat Drive Yards after the Jump…

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Jan 242014


HoloNet Links #130

The Rakghoul Resurgence is going on now in-game. Here is the link warning those of the outbreak on Alderaan. This new event started Tuesday, January 21st, and goes through January 28th. If you have not started the event, be sure to check out HoloNet news terminals on each faction’s fleet. The cutscene news will give some information, albeit very brief, and the starting quest that will send you to Alderaan.

Rakghoul Event, Testers Needed for PTS & more after the Jump…

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Jan 172014


HoloNet Links #129

Starfighter packsUpdate 2.5.2 went live this past Tuesday, January 14th, 2014. Besides the normal fixes on bugs, there were a few minor class changes, additions of the new Starfighter packs, the Wingman’s and the Dogfighter’s packs, to the Cartel Market. Along with those things they added new variants to the Gunship class starship – the Comet Breaker and Dustmaker. You can also see two alternate looks for these new Gunships in the Cartel Market.

 Old Republic Insider, Strange Sightings, Dev notes & more after the Jump…

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Jan 132014


strike fighter - swtorComing up from behind an asteroid, I level off in my Strike Fighter. Checking my instruments, no starships within weapons range, but off in the distance I spy a larger ship. It must be a Gunship. Skillfully banking to the right and deciding to maneuver behind the enemy. Swinging back around towards the target and now heading at it directly from behind. Checking my instruments for any other enemies in the area and the radar is clear. Switching weapons to full, I prepare to take on this large starship, which must be a Gunship.

Learn what happens next after the Jump…

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